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  1. [4.1.13] Queue Task Locking

    An issue has been identified in IPS Community Suite 4.1.13 where the Queue task may lock under specific circumstances, when attempting to send to perform the following tasks: Sending Follow Notifications Mass Altering Member Content (Delete, Change Author, etc.) Sending Warning Notifications To resolve this issue, upload the attached files to /applications/core/extensions/core/Queue/ Follow.php MemberContent.php WarnNotifications.php
  2. An issue has been identified in IPS Community Suite where clicking a link to go to the newest unread comment on a content item, would not forward you to the last comment on that item, if it is marked as read. To resolve this issue, upload the attached file to /system/Content/Controller.php
  3. You can still do this: http://screencast.com/t/vqaXu3zuGXiu http://screencast.com/t/ES66sFsqY
  4. Yes, it's per page.
  5. Coda, for the win. See here for more information on Designers Mode:
  6. There's a bit more to it than that.
  7. An issue has been identified in IPS Community Suite 4.1.12 / 4.1.13 where attempting to edit a topic that had been moved, while running IP.Board 3.x, may result in an EX0 error on save. To resolve this issue, upload the attached file to /system/Content/Item.php
  8. As of IPS4, the monthly folders are named monthly_YYYY_MM. Older folders from 3.x, however, will remain in their current naming convention so as to not break references to them that may be outside of our control.
  9. Hi, To go down your list: Yes, it can handle 2,500 posts - the conversion works using a "cycled" approach in that it will only process a few each time, until it completes. I do not foresee any issue with 2,500 posts. As above, it should not - if it does, I would definitely recommend contacting me via a support request in the Client Area and I'll take a look at why. All post content will be converted as-is. Unfortunately, due to the way posts in WordPress work (they are simply raw HTML), it is a bit difficult to fully update them to be 100% compatible with the suite, so some adjustments may need to be made afterwards. Yes, Media in WordPress will be converted to the Media system in Pages. The way the process works is that the system will first look for an existing user with the same email address - if a user exists in this condition, then the two accounts are "merged" and all previous content will be associated with the already existed account. If the email address does not match, but the username does, then the account are not merged, and the source account is added normally, with the exception that the username will be adjusted to add a timestamp on to the end of it.
  10. Glad I could help.
  11. Yes. https://invisionpower.com/4guides/how-to-use-ips-community-suite/converting-from-other-platforms/
  12. Yes, all of those are included, with exception to Ban Filters, Moderators, and Custom BBCode. For Ban Filters and Moderators - I would actually call these an oversight, and will look at adding them in a future update. For Custom BBCode, this becomes difficult due to the differences between the way IPS4 handles formatting, and the way vBulletin does.
  13. The list for 4.x applies to 3.x
  14. It already supports it.
  15. Sorted