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  1. Suite wide. Including third party applications.
  2. "Modest"
  3. I vary depending on the day. It's usually hard rock, but some days I'll just listen to country or blues.
  4. Yes, we support MariaDB.
  5. I'm in the same boat as Mark and Brandon - whenever I get to do something, I approach it as "this is going to be the best thing ever."
  6. I talk with you people more than I talk with my own parents.
  7. this ^
  8. It's probably the most important thing.
  9. Of the options given, I prefer Coke, but Dr. Pepper will always be #1.
  10. I've since upgraded to an iMac 5k. I still use the MacBook Pro when traveling.
  11. Probably something music related.
  12. Yes, my hobby is primarily music though it's been ages since I've actually seriously played. I currently own around 16 guitars I've either bought or inherited. Only about half of them are actually in prime working condition, though.
  13. I frequently switch between a single monitor, and a multi-monitor setup. Depends on my mood that month.
  14. Normally, I would have a USB Hub for the rogue cable there, but I recently moved my office so I haven't installed it yet. It also drives @Lindy crazy so that's an added bonus. EDIT: I have Phillips Hue also - have four installed in the office, two in the living room, and one in the dining room.