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  1. Profanity filters should work in chat, yes, and it does honor the Bypass Profanity Filters group setting. If it's not working correctly for you, I'd recommend submitting a support request.
  2. Do you not see this when attempting to withdraw?
  3. The RSS Feeds will always sort based on creation date, rather than last updated. It's just the underlying architecture that is similar to streams, which allows us to do things like: Multiple content types Content from specific containers Started by specific members And so on, all within a single feed while remaining efficient in fetching that data.
  4. test

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. iacas


      Well that's weird.

      Oh, that explains what just happened.

      No worries. Awesome. Thanks.

    3. d2dyno


      I've noticed @iacas's issue as well. Other members on my site have reported this to me too.

    4. Ryan Ashbrook

      Ryan Ashbrook

      Yes, we are aware and are working on a fix. :)

  5. They are stored encrypted.
  6. Correct, it is not set up on this site.
  7. We did make a configuration change about a week or so ago, as there was a conflict between the client area and here - can you try completely clearing cookies on both devices? I use both my computer and my phone multiple times a day and have not seen this issue.
  8. You can do this on a per forum basis using the multi-moderation tools. Just select all pinned and then you can mass unpin them all.
  9. Should be fixed now.
  10. We recommend either PHP 5.6 or PHP 7 - with a minimum of PHP 5.6 as of 4.1.15. IPB 3.x should run normally under any PHP 5.x version, however will not under PHP7.
  11. Yes - we support converting passwords from vBulletin 5. It does get a bit tricky, though, as they changed the way passwords were stored during the 5.x series. If there is any instance where a password does not work, then please do submit a support request and we will take a look at that for you. No, we do not support a concept of "post comments" however, what we do in this instance, is simply convert those comments as normal posts, with the original quoted within the post content (such as what you see now, with my post - the original will be in a quote box at the top of the post, with the comment content after).
  12. It just shows to everyone - included me.
  13. You can still do this: http://screencast.com/t/vqaXu3zuGXiu http://screencast.com/t/ES66sFsqY
  14. Yes, it's per page.