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  1. Ignore the above, lol
  2. I am creating a Bing api key but not done this before, where it asks for application url, does this mean the url when the member map is installed?
  3. Great, thanks. No red dots so it's a good start. :) I'll have a try and see what happens. Thanks Mark
  4. Apologies for my stupid questions in advance: I installed the member map some time ago, what is meant by reverting the templates/css? I don't want to lose any markers, does the beta version upgrade the original member map? Thanks Mark
  5. I've installed this hook and it's enabled but it doesn't seen to do anything? I'm on 3.4.5.
  6. Bought it and it's easy enough to use and is running...Is there any way to change the text colour but prevent it from changing coloour of text the advertiser types in?
  7. Thanks Pete, I'm going to give it a try. :)
  8. Can anyone using this mod tell me if it will do what I want in my previous post? I'm assuming it will? cheers Mark
  9. will this mod allow me to set a template that users can use to type next to the text field, eg: Item Description: user input How old is the item: user input Condition: user input Reason for selling: user input Price: user input Thanks Mark
  10. Sorry, just seen the answer to my question after I'd posted it!
  11. Thanks for that, done it!
  12. Hi, is it possible to add a script from the board index so that it shows on the portal? This is what I want to add: <script language="JavaScript" src="{$this->settings['img_url']}/js/countdown.js"></script>
  13. Thanks, I'll have a look around.
  14. Hi, I have just installed this onto our forum, we use the Portal v1.1.0 by DevFuse, is there a way to have the countdown timer on there? cheers Mark
  15. Thanks, appreciate it! Mark