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  1. I found the .htaccess file and edited it. No dice.
  2. I just added a SSL Certificate to my domain through Godaddy. I edited the URL in the global_config.php file and added the s after the http in the url. I rebuilt all of my cache. And my site still is not coming up on a PC but it does on my ipad. I have a ticket (#975167) and have heard nothing from them yet. Where do I find my .htaccess file to edit it? I forgot.
  3. Do we have anything for the latest IPB Dustin?
  4. ​I too would like to know this. Installing now.
  5. Can abybody fix this to work with 3.4.6?
  6. Works good. Thanks.
  7. Going to try this.
  8. I got it all working. I see some people mentioning articles. Is there an article addon for this,
  9. Never mind...I got it.
  10. First off, thanks for your portal Mod. I have a problem. I installed this mod on 3.4.6 after I deactivated IPContent. It is working. I relocated some right blocks to the left via edit. All moved well. Then I relocated some blocks from the right to the left....and they are not showing on the left but at the bottom. Disabling Truncate don't make a difference. Any ideas?
  11. I just got this and will try it now. Thanks.
  12. I too would like it for 3.4.6
  13. Thank you sir. Excellent mod!
  14. I would like it to not show the parts outlined in red below.