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  1. ​Edit: not this time though..
  2. When I quote posts, there is a big "enter/return" gap on the bottom. Anyone else?
  3. ​I love you.
  4. Sorry if this is in the wrong section but I have a question regarding the reputation system on IPS... So a few members on my site are starting to constantly rep and unrep a single post about 100 times to give someone alot of notifications, now this isn't really something I want to suspend/ban someone over, so I was wondering if I could disable the rep system for just individual specifc members?
  5. I'd love to know this as well!
  6. Does this work on the latest IPB?
  7. PLEAAAAAASE bring this back!!!!!
  8. Can anyone install his for me? I own and I'm horrible at coding and installing hooks.
  9. Can I hire you to install this skin for me, and make edits to make it match our current logo & etc?
  10. I can't find what to do to make all the groups show.
  11. I can't find it :/
  12. This is the groups shown: I have much more groups though... How can I make this hook show all the groups?
  13. Yeah, this would be AMAZING!
  14. Tom please check your inbox!!