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  1. The screen shot is a little vague. Does this affect inbuilt RSS feeds, or only the inbuilt activity streams?
  2. I tried to go post this in your bug tracker, but my login isn't working and the password reset email isn't arriving either (checked chunk mail). Found 2 bugs in latest version (well, 3 - but the 3rd one appears to be an IPS bug and not your fault) auto pruned expired adverts that use the primary photo upload feature separate from the editor are leaving orphaned rows in the 'classifieds_adverts_records' table of the SQL database. The classifieds AdvertismentLocation extensions do not seem to be properly implemented, and cause a hidden(when not IN_DEV) php error. From the docblock of the extension's getSettings method: @return array Array with two elements: 'locations' which should have keys as the location keys and values as the fields to toggle, and 'settings' which are additional fields to add to the form existing code: return array( 'locations' => array( 'ad_advert_view' ), 'settings' => array() ); fixed code: return array( 'locations' => array( 'ad_advert_view' = array( ) ), 'settings' => array() ); attachments added to the editor are being left behind as orphaned files (looks like the IPS cleanup task isn't cleaning up images added to the editor in classifieds)
  3. The largest complaint I get from members (and a constant source of my servers getting on RBL lists) is that IPS has no way to stop all emails for followed content. A user can adjust these settings : https://invisionpower.com/notifications/options/ This page is GREAT...it's crystal clear, and users can quickly understand what they need to do to set their preferences how they would like them. However, these settings only apply to new items they follow going forward from the time they change that setting. Where the problem comes in, is users don't always understand how to change their preferences that are already set on OLD items they've followed. For example...If you are following 30 topics, and 3 forums with a variety of settings for each item you've followed. The emails you receive had a variety of different links (depending on the type of email it is, instant topic, daily digest, etc). One of the common unsubscribe links that cause the most confusion are ones like "Adjust your digest preferences" which lands you here: https://invisionpower.com/followed/?filter=digest Once a user lands on that page...they then have to do several things to stop all emails for everything they follow: they must realize it's a per-item setting they need to adjust if they follow enough items to cause it to pagenate, they have to then realize they must use the multi-select on page one..apply a setting, then go to page 2,3,4, etc and repeat If they've made it this far without getting pissed off and just hitting the "spam" button on their email client, they must not also realize that not only were there pages to go through, but they must also go through every single content type sub-tab (downloads, categories, bugs, articles, forums, topics, galleries, etc etc etc). Depending on how many things a user has followed over the years, they could literally have dozens of clicks to go through and update the settings of everything they have ever followed and change all of them to "do not send me any notifications". The "managed followed content' page needs a short message at the top of the page that explains to users how the page works - and a big button to "unsubscribe from all" which just sets every single thing they follow, in every content item type to "no notification" all at once, without the user having to select each item/page/type one by one. Clicking the "unsubscribe all" button wouldn't remove the content from their followed list, it would just set every single thing they follow to the "no notification" option.
  4. Will this also prune any attachments to the topic?
  5. 1 bug, and 1 question. question: if i want to remove an invite record - so that user's profile no longer shows "invited by", do i have to do anything other than delete the record from pending invite table? bug: when invite system is enabled, error messages are not displayed on the registration form (example, if user doesn't click the "agree to terms" checkbox, it doesn't show the user the IPB error message, it only reloads the page with the default *required fields message, but no explanation of the error
  6. Is there any update on either of these bugs? It's been around 6 weeks now. Thanks
  7. I found one more display bug that affects mobile/narrow screen width in Gallery. When viewing an album, the main cover photo floats off to the right of the page breaking the layout. See here: http://screencast.com/t/Z9TSgXP3
  8. One last request. Any chance you could add pinterest to the social links please:
  9. I found another bug with the Glare skin when viewing albums. The ips filter bar when viewing albums is all messed up and overlapping
  10. I found a display bug on the forum index when using Glare+responsive. To be more specific, the bug is related to Glare since when using the stock IPB skin + responsive there is no issue Gallery has a feature to enable categories to show on the main forum index: On the stock IPB skin, this is what it ends up looking like: On the Glare skin, the layout breaks:
  11. Found a small bug. The icons don't use https when on a secure page such as the checkout process, or editing your display name (when you have Use https for logins or Use https for sensitive information? enabled)
  12. Well, it's been a year since FedEx shipping was added to nexus.with the promise of more to come it the future. It sure would be great to see IPS deliver on those. With one API already written, it certainly wouldn't take much work to extend that to other popular carriers like USPS that offer great international shipping options that are easy to use for the small business that doesn't ship enough to get volume discounts from FedEx. Will we ever see a USPS live rate api?
  13. This is a must have for the warn system.
  14. Great and much needed hook. All it needs now is support for the media tag, and converted embedded media tags into plain links when quoted.
  15. I have a suggestion for you (and for myself as well since it's the main reason I haven't purchased the app). Back when I was on vbulletin I had a similar tool that we hacked up quite a bit over the years that I've been meaning to port over to IPB (of course it's been almost a year and I still haven't got around to actually doing it yet). Anyway, my suggestion is an option to handle banned duplicate accounts different than regular duplicate accounts at registration and log-in. When running the check for duplicates, if a user logs in from a computer that was previously used to log into a banned account, ban the new account. It was a very handy feature when I had my old site set up like that. Joe user gets banned, now he's pissed off that he's banned and goes and creates a new account. The duplicate account detection see's one of his other accounts is banned, and auto-bans the new account he just created or old account he logged in to. This is also very useful for those members that keep 2 accounts for the sole purpose of mouthing off. Example. Joe user has 2 account. With his primary account he behaves, but every now and then when he wants to behave like a troll h logs into his 2nd account because he doesn't care if that one get's banned. From my experience testing it, you wouldn't want to auto-ban all the accounts at one time, and only ban extra account if they are logged in to, or registered/created while a banned account is present. If they never log in or register a new account during the ban period, there's no reason to auto-ban the other accounts they aren't using anyway.