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  1. Thanks, but there wasn't file upload
  2. 5. Use .htaccess protection for your AdminCP How can I undo this step?
  3. http://elantro.net/ still in progress
  4. I like the change, but I can't stop thinking: Pages still has not improved, but they have time make a new header, wow
  5. I prefer mac, everything is more cleaner and a bit cheesy. But I wouldn't recommend for people who love games
  6. Yes, I understand, it's just a bit of my frustration of waiting too long. I agree that there will always be bugs, but these seem to come alive.
  7. And.. in November we'll have a million more bugs, this seems a joke
  8. Thanks mate I will take a look at this, I had no idea, much appreciated
  9. Thanks mate, I wish to do it better, but still I don't quite understand this version and its codes. Cheers
  10. Small update, still in progress xander
  11. This option is gone too? {parse striping="feed_striping" classes="row1,row2 altrow"}I hope there any alternative for this.
  12. Please put a forums link in home page, I can't see it from mobile.
  13. xander Still working on details.
  14. To me, safari and opera have something more elegant, but when I get serious firefox is there.