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  1. Great. If anyone have this question, there's an Instructions.txt file with more info.
  2. Thanks mate, I'll keep that in mind
  3. Support topic
  4. Mind

    Version 1.0.0


    Hello This is my first 4x theme, has basic modifications and works with last IPB version. You are free to remove the theme copyright. Demo: http://xander.cl/demo/ User: xander Password: test Hope you like


  5. http://elantro.net/ still in progress
  6. I like the change, but I can't stop thinking: Pages still has not improved, but they have time make a new header, wow
  7. I prefer mac, everything is more cleaner and a bit cheesy. But I wouldn't recommend for people who love games
  8. Yes, I understand, it's just a bit of my frustration of waiting too long. I agree that there will always be bugs, but these seem to come alive.
  9. And.. in November we'll have a million more bugs, this seems a joke
  10. Thanks mate I will take a look at this, I had no idea, much appreciated
  11. Thanks mate, I wish to do it better, but still I don't quite understand this version and its codes. Cheers
  12. Small update, still in progress xander
  13. This option is gone too? {parse striping="feed_striping" classes="row1,row2 altrow"}I hope there any alternative for this.
  14. Please put a forums link in home page, I can't see it from mobile.