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  1. Just bought a plugin that pulls tags:
  2. Either would be OK.
  3. @Kirill N Awesome site! How where you able to pull the topic tags into the front page feeds? I don't see any option.... Thanks!
  4. OK, so I take it that there is definitely currently no way to pull the forum tags into the posts/topic feed in pages? Is this correct, can someone clarify? I've been searching all day to figure out how to do it... Am I wasting my time searching? lol Any definitive answer would be much appreciated!
  5. I bought it, installed and working with no issues, thanks! Well there is one little issue, not sure if it's a bug... When I create a new topic with template fields and then merge it with another topic, the information entered into the fields don't merger along with the post to the new topic. Is there a way to make this happen? Thanks!
  6. I think this is an AWESOME feature... Are they still planning on implementing this? Any time frame?
  7. Thanks for clearing that up Rikki!
  8. I own forum, commerce and pages, all expired. Now I'm looking to renew all 3 of them, but when I go to the client area, it says renew "suite" for $75. I'm confused, because it doesn't show a breakdown of which products the $75 covers, like it used to show in years past... So the question is, what does the $75 cover? Just forum? Or forum, commerce and pages? Or something else? Thanks in advance.
  9. Has this been added?
  10. I'm on 5.5 which is the highest my host supports... Approximately how long until IPB stops supporting 5.5?
  11. So I guess I would need to switch to Xenforo to get this functionality.
  12. Is there a setting for this in IPS that I've overlooked?
  13. For example, If you have a forum that has subforums North America -> Canada -> Ontario -> Toronto, how do you deal with the fact that threads that belong in "Toronto" also belong in "Canada"? Instead of trying to explain what I'm after, it's easier to just show you... Look closely at what this site has done. Start here on this forum: Click on "Buildings": Notice that the forum path is Forums -> North America Now, click on the first thread (at the time of this posting, it happened to be "Edmonton | Delta Hotel & Residences Edmonton | 191m | 56s".)... Notice what happens next... Look at the forum path: See what they did there? This is just what I'm after... Is this possible in IPS?