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  1. I'm on 5.5 which is the highest my host supports... Approximately how long until IPB stops supporting 5.5?
  2. So I guess I would need to switch to Xenforo to get this functionality.
  3. Is there a setting for this in IPS that I've overlooked?
  4. For example, If you have a forum that has subforums North America -> Canada -> Ontario -> Toronto, how do you deal with the fact that threads that belong in "Toronto" also belong in "Canada"? Instead of trying to explain what I'm after, it's easier to just show you... Look closely at what this site has done. Start here on this forum: Click on "Buildings": Notice that the forum path is Forums -> North America Now, click on the first thread (at the time of this posting, it happened to be "Edmonton | Delta Hotel & Residences Edmonton | 191m | 56s".)... Notice what happens next... Look at the forum path: See what they did there? This is just what I'm after... Is this possible in IPS?
  5. One potential gray area arises when the end product is not 100% as initially promised, due to time constraints, technical difficulties/obstacles, unforeseen coding/compatibility issues, etc... What then? Does IPS become the arbiter of what constitutes the fulfilling of the developers obligation? I for one would not want that responsibility... ie: They paid for features X,Y and Z, but the end product was missing Z. What then?
  6. But in this case, you are asking IPS to hold onto monies pending a job that may or may not be completed to the satisfaction of all parties involved, or completed at all. They open themselves up to all kinds of headaches... Again, that's just my guess, and maybe I'm wrong... I would love to see it happen!
  7. Just a guess, and @Lindy will correct me if I'm wrong, but I doubt that IPS would entertain getting involved to the extent of literally offering an escrow service... I'm guessing that could get messy for IPS when conflicts arise between parties... Otherwise, I think some type of crowd funding section would be fantastic!
  8. Awesome, I look forward to seeing it in the marketplace. Mark me down as your first customer!
  9. Nice and clean. I like it.
  10. This, for IPS: Pretty please?
  11. Sweeeeeeeeet. Well done, sir.
  12. Agreed. The clarification from IPS is refreshing, and much appreciated.
  13. A little late to the topic, but... Merry Christmas everyone, happy holidays, and best wishes for the new year!
  14. You ASSUME that there are no scenarios where such an option might be useful... even though your customers are here telling you otherwise! This is yet another example of a situation where the views of IPS are at odds with many of their customers, and it could be resolved with a simple yes/no option in the admincp. Why do you force your customers to do things your way, when you could easily provide an option and let us decide what is best for our communities? This way everyone is happy.