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  1. It's not a new topic stream though, it lists the topics with the latest replies. For example, I set it up as above, and this topic is listed as 51 minutes ago, which is the last post, not the time the thread was created.
  2. Hey Dev, you say 2.2.1 is ready, when will it be updated in the MP.
  3. I know its not always possible to answer, but do you have any sort of timeline for when the next update will be released? Just curious, as if its a while, I can work around it for now, if its soonish, then I can wait before building the site (new site)
  4. When creating a new application form, and you set groups that can apply, it doesn't check secondary groups. To explain. We are creating a new gaming forum, all those who register are members. Thre is then an application to join one of the games (group1) this can only be applied to by the member group. Once accepted their secondary group is then "group1" We then offer a second application to become an officer of the group (leader) We only want those who are member of "group 1" to apply. However it won't work, as the group check only takes into account the primary group, which for all users is still set as "member". We need it to account for secondary groups as we are creating a multi game community, so changing the primary group will not work, as we need to allow them multiple rights, so secondary groups is the only way to do it the way we need. Any plans to allow secondary group checks in applications? Even if its just a tick option to ask whether we want secondaries in the group check.
  5. Hi, With the application form view. How would I go about styling it a bit, I want to change the questions to be bold text. And adjust how the "drop down" answers show, as not too fond of how the "tick" pushes the main answer out of line with the answers not chosen.
  6. If you delete /public_html/ and leave it blank, then save, it reverts to 21. But the moment you edit the box again, it goes back to /public_html/
  7. Still not working, I have added my details, and it keeps changing the port field to "/public_html/" all by its lonesome.
  8. So I can set which user can accept/decline applications, that's great. However does it work on a per application basis. i.e user 1 can accept applications for "application 1" users 2 and 3, can accept applications for "application 2" but user 1 could not accept an application from "application 2". As for part two, i think you may have misunderstood, its not the questions I am on about, its the automatic group change upon acceptance. ie a user in group 1, applies for "app1", upon acceptance, he is moved to group 2 user in group 1, applies for "app2", upon acceptance, he is moved to group 3. Or to better explain, application 1 is there for hiring a global moderator. So when the application is accepted, he would be moved into the "global moderator" group. application 2 is for hiring a forum mod, so when accepted, he would go into the "forum moderators" group. Is that how it works?
  9. We are currently a group of 7 clans, and we are part of an alliance, to help with comms, we are looking at merging onto one site. I was looking at using content to create basic application forms, and they would post in their relevant sections. However member groups are an issue here as don't want too many with access to the ACP. So have come across your application. So a few questions. 1) With each created form, can you set which user groups can accept/decline the applications? We have 7 clans, so each clan will have groups set for each main position. We wouldn't want a recruiter from clan 1, to be able to accept applications for clan 2. 2) With each created form, can you select which group they go in? I know after reading your write that this is possible, however is it possible on a per form basis. Example Form 1 = Members -> Clan 1 Member Form 2 = Members -> Clan 2 Member Form 3 = Members -> Clan 3 Member
  10. Thanks :) shall have a crack at it later tonight.
  11. Where do i go to edit the member list layout? I have reqorked the navigation bar, to be horizontal rather than vertical, however cant seem to find the layout for the member list. I have gotten rid of the sidebar on the forum view, and have it working fine on the home pages and additional pages, just the member page now that I am having difficulty with. Trying to get it to look like this, so instead of a side bar, am loading it above the content area instead.
  12. NVM, I had set the classes up wrong. Works fine now.
  13. Ok, just given that a try, and when changing it from lareright and largeleft, to right and left. It comes back like this: Any idea, if there is something else that needs to be edited?
  14. I am trying to change a few things with the app. Mainly changing the ipslayout partsof it to use the ipslayout_right, instead of the largeright. I have managed to do it on all bar the groups profile page. Could you tell me how I would go about changing the template for that? As I cannot seem to find it. Just want to make the right column "ipslayout_right" instead of the current "ipslayout_largeright" And possibly do the same ot the left column.
  15. I also noticed, that when adding print_r($_POST); It shows as array ( ) On the content pages, so guess its nothing to do with shoutbox, but something to do with IPB itself.