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  1. Hey. There's one more thing regarding the new login handlers that I'd like to know. Will I be able to write my own handler as a replacement of the default one, so that my users wouldn't be required to provide their email addresses upon registration?
  2. Wait, you mean using Blowfish via Bcrypt or just Blowfish?
  3. Well... It comes straight from the testing forum: This is bad. Have you considered blockquote and cite elements to differentiate quotes from the rest of the post?
  4. They wouldn't. It's their choice. If you care about spamming users with notifications then leave verification enabled. As the OP mentioned, there are websites with focus on privacy or simplicity, where the e-mail field becomes a burden. Especially if a user wants to create multiple accounts on a single website. Some boards allow this due to privacy concerns - you don't have to, but don't force your idea of a website on others. All the services you mentioned feed off users giving them more or less personal data so they can sell targeted advertisements. Not really the best examples for privacy-concerned people.
  5. No functionality has to be lost as nobody forces website owners to disable the requirement. Should they do that, accounts created without the address could, as a workaround, be created with an email in the form of <uuid> Voila, simple as that. But it IS a workaround - it doesn't have to be used if the services you mentioned were properly redesigned with the possibility of an e-mail lacking user in mind.
  6. An e-mail adress is not reliable anymore because of services providing temporary email addresses, such as Therefore, I have disabled email verification altogether and rely on IPS Spam Service to stop spambots. It works very well. Please have a look at - their email field is optional and the whole registration form fits right next to the login form. It is so much more appealing to create an account there than it is on IPB forums.
  7. Hello guys. There's something wrong with the double enter functionally. It won't split the quote for me most of the time (Chrome 23). To split the comment, I have to: Press enter Press up arrow to come back to the previous line Press enter again Then it works, mostly. Sometimes it won't even create a new line when I press enter though. I would love the new editor if it wasn't for those constant bugs appearing from time to time, proving it unreliable. Catch up with them and it will be perfect. :smile: That is if one can catch up with RTE incompatibilities across different browsers. :)
  8. Take a hint from reddit and provide the fields required for registration right next to the log in form. Also, please get rid of the mobile skin. :)
  9. Co tak siedzisz po nocach xD.

  10. Great! Is there any way for IP.Nexus to handle SMS transactions? In order to do that I would need to be able to give it a list (pasting plain text with just one code per line is the best way to do it) of accepted codes and associate them to a centrain package. I could use it too actually.
  11. I join the request, definitely!
  12. It's also possible to switch to cookies through settings.
  13. Actually that seems to be a nice feature request for international boards. I mean being able to set a centrain forum/category to be seeable only when a specific language is enabled and hidden otherwise. It may not be the perfect solution, but definitely far better than having two separate boards I think. Actually, without investigating the code, maybe it's possible to achieve this with a hook hiding those forums on the board index page?
  14. And :)