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  1. While using the compact mode, it seems as if the users' profile images will not show. I went ahead and screen captured it for you:
  2. The plan includes 5GB for media. How many posts does 5GB roughly suit?
  3. I was too lazy to change the setting for it and now I'm basically accustomed to it, so no biggie. ;)
  4. Ended up going with the IMac instead of the Mac Mini... so i was forced to upgrade to Lion manually (it was free though.) Process was easy. There doesn't seem to be that many noticeable changes in it. The scrolling is a little weird, so it will take time to get used to. Otherwise, all is good. ;)
  5. I just ordered my Mac Mini today with Lion! (I was actually on the verge of purchasing a Dell, but I realized the Mac Mini would be about the same price with pretty similar specs.) Pretty excited to see how much as changed with the OS. The last time I used a Mac was about 4 years ago, so it's definitely going to be a change.
  6. This isn't where you get support from. If you are a licensed customer, either use the ticket system or the peer-to-peer support forums.
  7. If that's the worse thing in IPB 3.2 then you know that IPB did one hell of a job. :P
  8. There are good free themes out there. You just need to be willing to look a little. ;)
  9. Brilliant!
  10. :o
  11. Yeah seriously, this is hilarious. Stop taking life so seriously, seriously. :D
  12. One word..... BRILLIANT! :)
  13. Hey Ryan, thanks for helping out with my last question. I have another one. Basically, I like the fact that you are able to filter with prefix you want to show with the filter shown below: However, I was wondering if there is any way for me to add that same filter to the top of the page, right above the start new topic and then centered on the page? Is this possible?