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  1. ​On board index I want to click on topic title and go to first unread post. If I click on last post date it send me to last post (duhhh) even if there was ten unread posts before.
  2. As I say in IPS4 preview site, I'm convinced that feature will be enable here. It's not. Very needed! It's exhausting to be reading every post in topics from the beginning (or from the end)
  3. Love it. Seems very flexible and looks much better on tablets and smartphones. Need some care with colors but that will be done by every webmaster.
  4. To me, in Europe, it's impressive. Very, very quick timeload!
  5. Nobody now? IPB staff?
  6. In new IP.Pages (IP.Content 4) it's possible to implement two dropdown fields (make and model) and the second depends of the first? Example on an "cars" database: make: fiat;ford model: 500;punto;mustang At frontend, when I add new entry or view the database page, if I choose Fiat at field "make" I just can see "500" and "punto" option on second field but if I choose Ford just see mustang. It is possible?
  7. I don't know/remember any response to the new Q & A answers... In the future, I'll never remember what I'll write here now Any help? Maybe I save the answers to gmail but I know: will give me hassle when I want to remember where I saved it ... Some suggested questions I know the answer: - Favorite color - Favorite Club - Name (s) and dates of birth of my children - City where I was born What can I do?
  8. Find the problem: 'TO_USER_FULL' means "messanger full". One of my "Admins to notify" clear her inbox and voilá.
  9. Have this error several times a day: What can be?
  10. Yes, my fault. Sorry!
  11. I have this error at login fail on wordpress slave (wrong password): Fatal error: Call to undefined function login_header() in /home/myusername/public_html/stand/wp-content/plugins/ipsconnect/wp-ips-connect-core.php on line 411 Just me?
  12. Mikey, can I add more blocks?
  13. No, in two public places: at forum index block (Published weekly) and at "" (Interval) (congrats and best luck for both :smile: )
  14. How (or where) can I translate "Weekly" word? Can't find it at language strings. Thank you