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  1. Follow reports

    At the very least I'd like to see what the devs think before going the third-party route.
  2. Follow reports

    Bump. There's no current way I can see for moderators to make sure they're up to date on discussions on reported content.
  3. Keep subscriptions when topics are merged

    And here in 2012.
  4. I just had my SMTP server fail a couple of days back. Thoughts arising... 1) While there was a warning in the admin panel that mails weren't being sent, I didn't see this for a couple of days. Obviously in this case an email wouldn't have been much use, but a front-end notice (similar to the one we get if the site is set to offline) would have been useful. Perhaps this could be done in any circumstances where there's a lot of recent errors? Perhaps optional for those folk with generally error-ridden sites. 2) I've got 600 entries in the email error log, but my only option is to click on the resend button for every... single... one.... Some batch options would be useful here. Also, if you search for, say, validation emails, then click to resend one, it sends you back to the full list, not the filtered one. [edit] - worse, if you're on page 15 and you resend one email, it sends you back to page 1.
  5. Why is this happening?

    Go into admincp, find mail error logs, turn off pruning - it's trying to automatically delete old errors and for some reason the table isn't there. Stop it from trying to delete them and it'll stop complaining about the lack of a table. Even if this was an IPB trick (it isn't) then they'd lose half the money from the renewal on the support staff to fix the problem. That doesn't make sense.
  6. Group blogs

    Also I can't see how currently it's possible to see all posts by one person from a group blog - basically an 'author' link, but for that blog rather than sitewide content.
  7. Yep, something like the 'Popular Contributors'' block but Popular Posts. But really I'd like to see this as a filter everywhere possible.
  8. I never used older versions of the gallery. Surprised to find this is a problem though.
  9. My guess is that it's because the 'date taken' data in in the images EXIF and can be different from when the file was last edited or uploaded. So they'd need a new database column to store that info in.
  10. Gallery and View New Content

    Just adding my voice to this. Albums should be included in All Activity, but not each image in an Album. What happens with images posted directly to a category, though?
  11. Currently the gallery home page is a list of categories, then recent images. I think it'd make more sense to have 'categories' then 'albums' - one new album could easily fill the 'recent images' section, meaning other new albums have no visibility. Perhaps list each new album on a row, with three or four of its images alongside it?
  12. I'd go so far as to say there should be a custom sort, where we can click and drag photos into the order we want. But at the very least, let us sort by the time the picture was taken, older to newer. The two uses for my gallery are 1) recipes and 2) travelogues. Both situations where the order is crucial.
  13. More ideas: Allow users to only get notifications for content that gets x likes. Filter Activity Streams by likes. Neej, I used to have one in 3.5, haven't rewritten it yet. The Leaderboard is a step in the right direction, but there's way more that could be done. This shouldn't be a separate section, it should be integrated into other functions as much as possible.
  14. Name 2 Avatars

    Actually, you know what would be handy (and again, I might be happy to pay for) - if the user doesn't have an avatar, then when they (and only they) are viewing one of their own posts, add the little camera icon and change the link to /profile/3-user/photo/ to encourage them to upload one.
  15. Ha, thanks! I didn't even know that was an option. Not sure why it set the child theme to Moono but I've set it back now and the editor looks like it should.