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  1. Noting that we do in fact have more group promotion enhancements planned, I think this would likely be a niche feature. I might suggest checking out the Rules application in the Marketplace, however, as it's quite possible this can be achieved.
  2. That seems like the most likely scenario - but don't quote me.
  3. I want to find posts that have "Apple" but not "Microsoft." +apple -microsoft
  4. Using the car analogy (which I love by the way) - it's not unusual to find cars in the showroom "tricked out" with accessories or with a bit of extra polish for the pizazz factor. I wouldn't consider this much different. I'm sure the default theme will receive some love and updates at some point. I also know the sales/marketing team are working on pre-populated demos. I don't envision releasing our website in template form as... well, it's our website. I do wholeheartedly agree that we can and should provide more useful real-world examples of how to use the software with the ability to modify to suit. As an aside, thanks for the feedback on the site.
  5. This has come up a fair amount, so we'll mark it to see what we can do better.
  6. Adriano, this feedback forum is filled with thousands of things that one could ask "how many minutes/hours will it take a IPS dev to add?" It all adds up and yes, things must be prioritized. This can already be accomplished via Pages and yes, I understand not everyone has Pages. Announcements were/are intended to be for targeted for everyone. Blocks, however, can be customized to show to specific audiences. I understand you want to change this behavior and we will certainly consider it. I appreciate your assistance in "defining what is priority" but in the grand scheme of things, I'd consider this replicating something that can already be done, in a different way. In regards to post highlighting - yes, it actually was commonly requested by those who run support communities, fan sites and many others that want to highlight when an employee or staff member replies to make it easy to identify official posts. You can determine that's useless because it's not important to you, much like others would deem this request useless because they don't use it or would use Pages or other existing functionality. Our job is to decipher feedback from all avenues and determine what makes the most sense at the right time. It's not a perfect science and we won't nail it perfectly every time, but it is nonetheless our role. When we decided to do more transparent feature planning, I made it clear that we wouldn't be engaging in endless debate about inclusions and timing or else we risk spending more time talking than doing. With that, I'm closing this as respectfully, there's nothing left to discuss. You requested, the request is clear and straight forward and will be addressed in a future update -- no ETA at this time. Thank you.
  7. I would guess closer to the holidays, perhaps shortly after. We have frozen our roadmap as of 4.1.14 to focus entirely on further stability, give our marketplace authors a much needed "break" from our intense release schedule and get an automated testing platform further off the ground and do some internal tidying. We'll then begin the next chapter in the fall.
  8. Thanks for the feedback! We do have cross-app engagement planned for the future as we agree - it's important!
  9. Simply click the member profile and mark as spam.
  10. There's no reason we won't other than we haven't gotten around to it yet. The list of things people want extends into the thousands. This, in the overall scheme of things, is not a priority. I'm not sure why you'd use announcements for rules. You could use other mechanisms - like the privacy policy (you can rename this) and there's even a feature to force people to (re)agree if you change them. There's certainly use cases for this, but that's not likely one of them.
  11. You can use supported boolean operators yourself, as-is.
  12. No. We are currently seeking other chat systems to partner with and it is likely our own will be discontinued.
  13. Search is pretty complex in IPS4 and to be honest, lack of Commerce search was a mere oversight. Unfortunately, it's not something that can just be easily plopped in, but it is something, along with pages in Pages that we have slated to be added in a search overhaul.