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  1. As Joel said, if you're having issues with your community, please submit a support request. Thanks!
  2. Thanks again

    Glad you finally took the plunge and it went well for you, Morgin. We're always here if you need anything.
  3. I have to give props to the IPS team

    I say don't resist temptation any longer. Renew that license! Seriously though, thank you for the kind words. The guys have worked tirelessly on 4.2 and it shows; we're really excited!
  4. Cloud Delete

    The logistics of this in a self-hosted environment would be a little challenging, but it could be something we can consider for CiC clients in the future. Incidentally, we used to offer a backup service, but it wasn't wildly popular.
  5. News Articles on Invision Power Website

    Thanks for letting us know!
  6. Uuum Lindy....

    Ok, you got me... I'm a GM guy through and through, but I would take the Demon over a Camaro ANY DAY. Chrysler has some awesome engineers on those vehicles. It's just a shame the rest of their line sucks.
  7. New: Group promotion improvements

    If you're happy, I'm happy.
  8. New: Group promotion improvements

    @Tracy Perry This should help you.
  9. Frustrated with support time

    I apologize for the delay, Wolf and am glad to see this was resolved for you.
  10. New: Clubs

    I'm sure we can look into that.
  11. New: Clubs

    Sometimes development isn't about creating something nobody has ever seen, but rather improving on existing concepts and providing a robust, built-in solution.
  12. Bug Tracker?

    Impacting recurring issues are also noted in the release notes
  13. Bug Tracker?

    @Bluto - I'm not sure I understand why you'd care about an issue you're not experiencing and that reinforces part of the problem with the bug tracker. If you are having an issue with your community, submit a ticket and we'll confirm, fix or let you know when we will fix. That's how almost all commercial (not to be confused with open source / project based) software works. I can't imagine combing a bug tracker looking for issues to have. As a point of interest, issues that may impact you between releases that are noteworthy to clients are added to our knowledgebase, which appears in your AdminCP when you run the support tool. Running that should be your first line of defense if you have an issue. If the information presented and the tool itself doesn't resolve your concern, simply submit a ticket and we will take it from there. @Joel R You're proving my point, my friend, not arguing it. We're aware of the issues with our previous processes (and apologize for same.) Last year, we revised our policies and internal organization, incorporated additional QA procedures and revamped our support escalations to better engage development. Since that time, the issues you speak of with bugs falling through the cracks and reoccurring issues have been virtually non-existent. What we're doing is working and while it may not work for those who would obsess over the bug tracker, we're ok with that. If you encounter an issue moving forward that you've been told is fixed, but isn't, or reoccurs in the future - I want to personally know about it and identify the breakdown in the process. I haven't seen it as a recent concern, so it's difficult to argue our process isn't working and we should return to something that was part of a system that, by your own account, failed. The expectation is, as a paying client, if you have an issue, you report it via support methods and the company works to resolve it. Again, if we fail to do that moving forward, I would appreciate you reaching out to me (or others in the management team) so we can figure out why that didn't occur. Thanks.
  14. Bug Tracker?

    I like you better when you're mocking Rikki and writing hilarious anecdotes. The sarcastic jabs are not a reflection of your best work. Topic at hand...... I don't think you could argue that since we began handling bug management this way, the product has become markedly more stable, most issues are addressed much quicker and overall client satisfaction is higher. Bug management is our problem, not yours (the client's.) If you have an issue, we just ask you submit a ticket. I understand you feel it's inefficient to potentially report an issue that's already known about, but again, that's our problem, not yours. As a client, your only concern should be using the software and if something is hindering that ability, just tell us and we'll take it from there. At least 90% of our clients already did this - just like most use the support system for support issues instead of the forums - thus, it rendered the public bug tracker incredibly ineffective and with the same 10 people obsessing over it, it just became an immense distraction to workflow and yes, things were overlooked. Many issues were duplicates, many were already fixed and a good number couldn't be resolved without duplicating them on the client install, which involved access, which involved a ticket anyway. It's a lot of noise for something only a relative handful of clients used anyway, so yes, that's how we chose to "solve the problem" - by enforcing the method of support/bug management that the vast overwhelming majority of our clients were using anyway. Something that works best for us -- the ones fixing the bugs. As has been said many times, if you have an issue impacting your community, let us know. If there's a patch, we'll provide it, if it's a bug, we'll log it and take care of it as quickly as possible, if it's already resolved for the next release, we'll try to let you know that as well. Getting your issue resolved should be your concern, not how it's resolved. If my package arrives from Amazon damaged, I don't care if it happened at a hub in Cleveland, who the responsible employee is, how much fuel was in the truck when it was delivered, if anyone else had their package damaged the same day, how UPS keeps track of damaged packages. I don't care - my stuff is damaged, get me new stuff. This is nothing strange and out of the ordinary. Most companies operate the same exact way.
  15. Lifetiem license

    This has been covered both in your support request and other topics. IPS4 does not release individual security updates, we require an upgrade. As you've noted, upgrades do require an active license. Most clients prefer to keep their installations secure and up-to-date and thus active anyway, so this is not an issue that one necessitates a separate development process solely for expired licenses. I know you're frustrated over your lifetime license. As noted in the ticket, you bought a license 13 years ago for $150 and had over a decade of updates and support, well beyond what most companies provide. When we decided to create the IPS4 platform, we made a generous offer to early adopters in the form of a $100 credit, which you accepted. This essentially means you got 13 years of product usage and development, but what amounts to a new $200 license for $50. I'm sorry for your disappointment, but I feel you've been adequately compensated for your loyalty and taken care of. If you would like further updates, including security updates, you will need to renew your license. It's still an incredible value for what you're getting. This has been discussed before and our policy has been made clear. If you have further concerns, you are welcome to update your ticket. Thank you.