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  1. Thanks for the feedback. To be honest, what you're describing is a big pet peeve of mine and while we all get rushed at times and make mistakes, it's important we understand the issue, try to replicate and then make appropriate suggestions vs jumping the gun and moving too quickly. We've all been in those situations where we're not being taken seriously -- such as calling a device manufacturer because the device won't power on and they suggest updating the firmware. That's not the service we strive to provide and if there's ever a concern, please let me know. Upgrades are tricky. While the "magic upgrader" in the AdminCP has greatly reduced the drama-factor in getting to the latest version, we understand it's not as simple as clicking a button for everyone - in some cases, it requires coordination for backups, outage reports, etc. I agree, we need to and will do better at trying to identify and reproduce issues that are in fact resolved in a current release. Likewise, however, if an issue cannot be reproduced by product support using the latest release, upgrading will be recommended as a matter of course and if an issue needs to be escalated to development support, upgrading will generally be required, as I'm sure you can appreciate. Thanks again for the feedback.
  2. We disabled notifications nearly two years ago after rewording the auto-response several times. Out of the hundreds of tickets we field each day, 1/3-1/2 of them would come back when they got that auto response and either say "this is already resolved, why you are bugging me?!" or "it's all better now, you can resolve this!" or "that issue is resolved, but I have something new." Again, in spite of rewording it even with "no need to reply unless you need to" - it served more confusion than it helped and having 80 "you can close this now" responses simply slows down normal support for everyone, without good reason. Currently, the auto-resolve is set to two weeks. It's not typical that someone needs to come back to a ticket that has had no activity on their end for two weeks. Naturally, I'm quite happy to turn it on if this becomes a regular thing - but I'm comfortable with it as-is for now. Regarding those tickets - I think we should have done a better job at following the issue up before suggesting an upgrade. That's something I'll address internally. These shouldn't have made it to the two week mark, which is one of my points. I've merged your new tickets and old together and we'll get it looked at as soon as possible. Thanks.
  3. Once you setup S3 as a storage gateway, it will automatically move existing files to S3... unless you specifically tell it not to (such as if you wanted to do it yourself, for whatever reason.)
  4. The way most use a "VPN" is more as a proxy server. It's protecting you in terms of anonymity, but it also essentially shows you're trying to be anonymous and you're not connecting via a "proper" ISP... in the world of e-commerce, that's a huge red flag, even if the billing location and physical location match as it's very common for a fraudster to use a proxy in a nearby location In short: it keeps you anonymous, but also tells us, via MaxMind, that you want to be anonymous. Hope that helps.
  5. Awesome feedback, thanks for sharing - I agree many of those would be great additions to Downloads. Let's see what we can do.
  6. Looks like that one went through without getting flagged at all.
  7. IPS does not involve itself in politics. We serve, work with and employ people all over the world and of course want to see everyone treated fairly and appropriately. Personally speaking, my ban list would be short and sweet: - Brits - Joel I'm just kidding, brits. In all seriousness, there's such anger, hatred and divisiveness in every corner of the web at present -- let's keep this community relatively friendly.
  8. Sorry for the delay. Approvals can take 24-48 hours. In this case, you were using an anonymous proxy ("VPN.") That will significantly add to the delay and increase scrutiny of the transaction. You may avoid this and increase the likelihood that your transaction will be automatically instantly approved by connecting directly with your ISP. It seems your order has been approved. Thanks for your patience.
  9. I'm very sorry for the frustration here. While certainly no excuse, chat was designed years ago and the overall demand has never been there to bring it up to modern standards. Please understand, it was never designed for 100% availability and we have never made any claims otherwise. Remember, most are using it for free and 90% of those who are paying for it are on the $10 per six month package. This is a fully hosted chat service - it requires no resources on your end - that's really not a bad deal! It was originally created simply as a value-added service for clients, but it has long been a loss-leader and given the comparatively low demand, our development efforts are being focused elsewhere in the product line and chat is being discontinued entirely. I'm certainly not downplaying your concerns or trying to give you a "you get what you pay for" line, but the uptime for chat has been very remarkable over the years. This outage was certainly longer than we'd have preferred and again, I apologize, but unfortunately per Murphy's Law, this occurred on a weekend and there are less people available with the knowledge on that system to correct it; it's not a normal product support scenario. Regarding licensing issues - I apologize in this regard as well. We had a brief outage in January and one over the weekend as well. These were side effects to our overhaul of our internal systems and the migration of the client systems to AWS. Though these outages have been historically rare anyway, moving forward, they should be virtually non-existent. Thank you for your understanding and patience. @M Deborah Beris - I want to assure you, I don't think you're a "small blip." Please feel free to contact me directly and I'll be happy to discuss further with you.
  10. Alternate contacts should be able to use the upgrader in the AdminCP now.
  11. We don't, as a matter of course, recommend that many forums, but you should see significant improvement in 4.1.19.
  12. 4.3 is certainly not a year away. We're only a few months away from an expected final release of 4.2. Stock search will see improvements in 4.2 as well.
  13. Could you please point me to the post where we said we were done with content discovery, search, etc? In fact, everything I've pointed to is contrary to that. P.S. Profile fields have been searchable in IPS4 since nearly the beginning.
  14. Firstly, thank you for your enthusiasm! The best way to keep track of what we're up to beyond the news forum is to follow the release notes section - we detail what's coming in the next release (and this does change.) I also try to be relatively transparent in public postings from a broad perspective. As I've said previously, 4.2 is going to be a strong engagement release with some really exciting things like visitor engagement (register while posting, complete your profile, etc.), enhancements on the new leaderboard feature, significant reputation and group enhancements and quite a lot more. IPS4 was a ground-up platform. We've been honest in saying it took longer than anticipated to solidify the platform and forge the right path... that was ultimately our goal before pressing forward with features -- build a rock solid foundation. We achieved that goal towards the middle of last year and we've been rocking it since as the release notes will show. This year will bring the big ticket items you've been waiting for and yes, this includes external search support (4.3.) The release notes will show what we've done for 4.1.18 which should go from beta to production very shortly. 4.1.19 will add a couple of Gallery improvements, a few action-items from the feedback forum, many performance improvements (that has been our engineering focus since the holidays) and behind the scenes, 4.2 will be underway. Thanks again for the enthusiasm, support and patience. Stay tuned.