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  1. Hi DawPi. Referrals have not yet been reintroduced in the new client system. Like many other facets, we were experiencing high volumes of fraud and low volumes of actual participation. We may reintroduce the program on a limited basis after an application process. You're welcome to contact me for more information, but I don't have an ETA on this at this time. Thanks for your interest and of course your support.
  2. We got a little ahead of ourselves in talking about 4.2 previously. Our immediate goal is to continue making 4.1 rock solid while still introducing small, but useful things that add to the overall robustness of the suite. We're still planning many big things such as reputation system improvements, social engagement features and of course app sweeps that would cover things like the lightbox issue in Gallery (it drives me crazy too, for what it's worth.) We can't give you a specific timeline on that, but things are looking great so far with .15 and .16.
  3. Tickets are given priority because if you're filing a ticket, it's generally because you have an issue that's impacting your site from a usability standpoint vs something that in reality doesn't need to be addressed immediately (like "this doesn't line up correctly", "pasting a username doesn't turn it into a mention") Again, we will better define the appropriate use of tickets vs tracker to make it easier and less frustrating. This will ensure higher impact issues are addressed more swiftly and also make sure the issues posted in the tracker are not redundant and are also handled more efficiently over time.
  4. Interestingly, I was thinking just that earlier today and we agree. We're going to restructure maybe as soon as next week and have a gateway of sorts. "Something is wrong with my site, I need help." -> Redirect to new support ticket. "Just want to let you know about something that isn't having a big impact but should be addressed at some point." -> Bug tracker. In terms of the latter, your bugs will be visible only to you and IPS (unless support provides a direct ID number for a client to follow.) For those familiar with Apple's bug reporter, it will work very similarly. Honestly, the bug tracker ends up being 90% "stuff we should get to when things are slow." Language bits, things 1px off, put your left foot in and your left foot out while using Android and you may not be able to ... well, do anything... you're using Android. I kid, I kid. Seriously though - most of the tracker is what-if's, minor cosmetic quirks, etc. Unfortunately legitimate site-impacting issues are often buried in mix. That's why I think before we get to the point of submitting a bug report, say "hey, is this impacting the use of your site? let's submit a ticket instead" will get the bug tracker more streamlined and ensure people with problems are addressed more efficiently.
  5. It's intended to show on website related pages, not the community pages. It should be easy enough to address - calm down, it'll be ok. This gives me a great idea for an easter egg though... if license ID belongs to Joel - banners, banners everywhere!
  6. We are going to add additional storage options as S3 can be mind blowing for some, but have not landed on any specifically. We're certainly open to suggestions and will consider Google.
  7. On this site, there's a new icon called "new page" - please see if this is a sufficient solution.
  8. I'm marking this as not planned, however, we do have some criteria based functionality to add to the bulk mailer as part of a larger scope. This will likely cover your request.
  9. That shouldn't happen. If it is, please submit a ticket so we can look further.
  10. I don't see this gaining a ton of traction, but others are welcome to chime in.
  11. We have an internal note to take a look at this in IPS4.2
  12. It was time to take a breather and focus on some internals and improving the core of the product so we could successfully lay the groundwork for more shiny stuff. As you've seen, the bug tracker has been addressed in a big way, there were many stability enhancements in 4.1.14 with more on the way (plus Commerce improvements and enhancements) in 4.1.15. We're then going to do some flexibility focus releases to add more robustness to the suite without a high impact from a development and stability standpoint (ie: things like "topics per page.") We're also of course aiming for 4.2 which will have a few new goodies, but we'll get to that later.
  13. Naturally, I'd expect anyone with an expired license to share a similar opinion. I certainly understand your point of view, but to be clear, that excerpt clearly says when possible. In 3.x, it's possible to release individual patches and that's what we do. In IPS4, "patches" are full releases and as in this case, require the upgrader to be run for various reasons (in this case, there's a template update.) The system is not designed to build downloads for non or expired clients and to be rather frank, we're not eager to cobble something together for this purpose. It's important that clients know whether they're up-to-date and incrementing the version number and doing proper releases accomplishes that goal. We've been very clear and forthcoming in that if you're more of a renewal hopper (renew once every year or two years for big ticket items) that IPS4 isn't likely going to be for you. I'm afraid there's simply too many complexities involve to warrant changing course for expired licenses. As an aside, the issue in this release related to servers that allowed loose execution of non-PHP files. We've opted to resolve that on a software level, but in reality, best practices since 2012 dictate this shouldn't be an issue. We take on a lot of feedback here. We've changed many things based on client feedback, but there's always a vocal minority driven hot button issue that appears every 6 months or so that we're just not willing to entertain and this is one of them (in fact, it may have been the last one as well.) We appreciate your feedback and recognize your concerns and frustrations, but we're not prepared to revisit security updates (or the red banner) in IPS4 at this time. You are certainly welcome to contact us to discuss your concerns, including moderation concerns - but when a topic is closed; it's closed... please respect that as we want you to be able to continue sharing your feedback in other areas.