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  1. I vaguely remember that now. Forums were a lot more dramatic then... 50 Shades of Cray Cray. We don't have anything to do with that domain.
  2. I'm discussing this internally. If we can bring this internal with ease, we certainly will. It's better for everyone.
  3. That works out well then! I expect to be on your xmas card list, Mr. Joel!
  4. Which feature specifically are you looking for sooner than later? Cross app promotion is something that will likely happen with an engagement release such as 4.2. I'm working on getting promoting topic to article done soon, however.
  5. $30/mo. is getting you ~$500 worth of software, priority support and a turnkey solution that's designed specifically for IPS products... you'll never have to battle requirements, out of date environment software or be caught in the middle of "my host says this, but IPS says that!" We're not a host... we're more akin to a Software as a Service provider. If you're looking for 10TB for $1.99/mo. - yes, you'd probably want to look elsewhere. Back on point... Joel has explained S3 very well. The S3 bucket is yours and something you create (we can advise you), so it's yours and not tied exclusively to our CiC offering. Should you decide to go self-hosted, you'd actually not need to do anything in terms of attachments / storage. If you have any questions, you're always welcome to e-mail Thanks!
  6. That's something we need to gauge, Joel. To be clear, a partnership with a chat provider would not be like CKEditor. We would be hands-off beyond helping the partner with integration. You would sign up with them, pay them, be supported by them, etc. We're not interested in reselling service - that's not historically worked well for us. Many have expressed concern and would prefer IPS keep it in-house as an integral part of their community. Chat has not been significantly changed (other than a refactor for IPS4) since its inception and most seem ok with that. It's relatively low maintenance compared to other things we do, so I do think we can expend resources to freshen it up, however, I don't believe we would be interested in replicating the functionality of a full-on clone of comparable services developed by those who specialize in chat. Based on what's been given to me, I'm inclined to think in the case of chat, many are ok with a modern refresh and in cases where more robustness is required, they can drop in a dedicated chat app from an appropriate vendor. This is already possible. I agree, you can reach the point where you're a jack of all trades, master of none level. Chat is a unique circumstance. I would reiterate - we will not be doing a chat service with "all the things." There are existing services, such as Cometchat, that can already drop into IPS4. Our decision is simply whether or not to freshen up our own solution with the most requested functionality (such as improved moderation and multi-chat support) as a community supplement or to discontinue it and promote a partner service entirely. The pushback when I mentioned a partnership was largely based on many admins just don't want to deal with another vendor. Those that don't mind already can.
  7. Thanks for the feedback, Daniel. I actually don't think suspect you're in the minority. From the feedback I've gotten via PMs and tickets about this, I think more gravitate towards us keeping chat as-is than moving to another solution. We may have underestimated the community value of chat. Of course, if we continue chat, we would need to modernize it a bit. It will never be as feature-packed as Cometchat, so if that's one's goal, I would urge you to consider going directly to Cometchat. I think we could add a few things people have asked for though, such as multi-chat support.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. This is something that's been on our radar for a while, but we haven't thoroughly researched alternatives to S3. I'll make an internal note to check this out.
  9. This isn't our only source of feedback. Further, the majority were for Sparkpost too, however, that has not bitten us as deliverability is awful as is the feedback. We just need to make sure we do the right thing and unfortunately, you'll need to be patient a bit longer. There's nothing wrong with the current chat solution and if you're interested in moving to something like Cometchat right away, they do have a fully functional app.
  10. The intent was to replace our chat with Cometchat. Since then, I've had a lot of feedback pushing against this and towards other alternatives or overhauling our own. So, we're taking some time to consider our options.
  11. Anyone else having an issue? This is the first I've heard of it.
  12. In the context of this conversation, the first three (what's new, highest rated, most downloaded) are default blocks... as in, they're baked into that page. Widgets are custom blocks that you can drag onto the page and customize. I think we'd all like to see more customizability and that's something we'll look at.
  13. I've flagged the downloads index for review and improvement in the next few versions. A stream-like interface isn't a bad idea. I think the ability to shut those default blocks off altogether and use widgets (like the top submitters block on the MP index) would be the way to go.
  14. I'll see what I can do about the blocks. In the interim, the activity stream is a perfect use case for this. I have created a stream you may like
  15. Profound angst. You kill me. We don't see avatars on our end, so I'm not sure the point... beyond seeing them yourself. I will, however, upload my pic so you can see my smiling face when I reply to your tickets! You're welcome in advance!