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  1. Have you looked at the existing gateways as an example?
  2. You're just looking for promote a topic to article, correct? What you're looking for is going to dictate the timeline. I think we could work in promote topic to article fairly soon.
  3. It's coming.
  4. We have a rock solid platform and a large part of that beyond our experience and investment in infrastructure is because we control the environment and don't allow tinkering or outside, non-IPS influences. Frankly, we're ok losing the market that wants FTP as historically, they're unfortunately the ones that introduce stability problems for other clients. We are aiming to be a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider and not a web host. I appreciate you giving the CiC consideration and sorry it wasn't a better fit for you.
  5. No ETA yet, but it shouldn't be a big deal to add new topic listings to the stream RSS.
  6. As I've noted in other topics, we have piles of "fun" ready to go, however, it's important that we pause and focus on overall stability. Many of you were expressing concern and we've listened. We've closed out hundreds of bug reports and further revised our testing and QA process. We'll get back into the swing of new and shiny stuff very soon, but it's important to take a deep breath every now and then and tie up loose ends.
  7. The cloud service is not traditional web "hosting." If you have the need to still upload files, hacks, etc. outside of IPS4, you'd be better off using a traditional host. Our service is geared as a Software as a Service and providing FTP, etc. is dramatic and unnecessary. We provide a rock solid, turnkey platform. One of the only requirement is anything you run must be installed via the AdminCP.
  8. Adorable!
  9. After vetting this out, we're likely to incorporate Google Auth.
  10. We've tried this in the past and absent hiring translators on staff, which isn't cost effective, it hasn't worked out well due to lack of quality control. It's something we feel is best left to third parties.
  11. This site will be updated to 4.1.14 shortly, which contains the fix. Edit: Charles applied the fix so it should be working properly here.
  12. Why don't you use the warning system to control bans?
  13. Noting that we do in fact have more group promotion enhancements planned, I think this would likely be a niche feature. I might suggest checking out the Rules application in the Marketplace, however, as it's quite possible this can be achieved.
  14. That seems like the most likely scenario - but don't quote me.