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  1. Excelent!!! Congrats on the metadata!
  2. Guys don't forget to add pagination on the portal, like wordpress, would be great to be able to setup how much topics IP.CONTENT will bring from the selected forums, and after that enable << previous, 1,2,3,4,5,6, next >> Great job guys!
  3. Hey, great news! BTW: Do you have any plans to change the way Facebook treat the links that we place in there, where it show the logo of Invision Board and the meta information from the forum, and should show a image extracted from the post and some part of it? Regards
  4. I always dreamed of this! Congrats!
  5. Hi, How we can change the skin to a fixed width? I don't like the skin to be at 100% I prefer the link on the same % that invision use by default. Thanks!
  6. Hi, After I upgraded to IPB 3.2.3 I am getting Database Error on the portal, any idea of what it can be causing it? Regards,
  7. Congratulations, for me you're doing the best decision, that it's taking your time to make the core of the application excellent. This will be one of the best version updates ever witch site with medium and high traffic will enjoy! Regards
  8. thank you, it's working now!
  9. Hi, When I enable sphinx I and I try to build the sphinx.conf file or the cronjobs I get:
  10. It is possible to make this hack auto refresh?
  11. Thank you for this effort, honestly not everybody thinks that it's easy to do this... Do you think it's possible to have a version that show the latest threads on the front page, and show it like a wordpress blog with pagination. Also be able to cutoff some text, and have a maximum number of characters on each thread showed ? Regards.
  12. thanks!!
  13. Hi, it's this one compatible with IBP 3.2 ? thanks!
  14. Hi, Have you ever think of making this mod track the forum conversion? to see how many users registered the forum? Good job!