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  1. Remember that if users hotlink images from non-https servers, you'll see the warning in the browser icon.
  2. It's worth mentioning that the IPS official forums run a beta version of 4.0, any bugs you see here are not a representation of stable IPS software quality.
  3. ​Isn't that how IPB works?
  4. Pretty neat, kind of like migrations in Ruby on Rails.
  5. SVN? Git with the times, man. I'll show myself out...
  6. Everything that supports MySQL will support MariaDB, unless I'm mistaken.
  7. I would like Office and Chrome but don't install an OS, please.
  8. There used to be one, but it vanished with IP.Links.
  9. [quote name='NewRockRabbit' timestamp='1348305264'] That isn't possible for my users who use my site at home, work and on the move - ie different browsers. If bookmarking were added to the front end, it would only mean two things. 1) People aren't using the follow feature properly, or 2) the User CP is very disorganised (which it isn't).
  10. [quote name='Extreame™' timestamp='1343190093'] I really like the idea of no extra applications, maybe we could do this with the whole suite? Then everyone who only wants the board will need to pay for every application. :)
  11. There's nothing XF's alert system can do that IPB's can't (from what I can tell).
  12. I'm hoping IPB's demotion to an addon product doesn't dillite its value as awesome forum software. Probably a good move for the long run though.
  13. Not really. Why do you want an older version? If you just like the default skin of 3.0/3.1, there are a few copies of it in the Marketplace. If your new community depends on an older mod, one of us will happily upgrade it for you, it usually isn't that much work.
  14. You can't use it without the main forum framework, but if you have money to burn, you could buy both then disable the forums, or use a hosted community.