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  1. Hi is it possible that you add my site banner/link on your site? And i will add you banner/link on my site :-) pm me with your awnser. Than You

  2. File Name: Dutch language File Submitter: Kevin Brekelmans File Submitted: 24 Feb 2011 File Category: Language Packs The Dutch translation of IPB. If there are errors please let us know, then we apply it as soon as possible. Resale is prohibited. -NOTE- At present, section admin not completely translated, we are doing. But the public is fully translated. -Applications- - IP.Blog 2.3.1 Click here to download this file
  3. why not, is not nice.
  4. The bug is in the profile of the user that the background has changed
  5. There are a bug View Screenshot It's by profile customize
  6. Hyves connect it is also a possibility (a Dutch social network) to link to IP.Board. The same system as Facebook, but for the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, a popular social network! Can you give me more information if this is possible!
  7. When this skin is available for IP.Board 3.1?