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  1. This would be very nice if the contents would still be linked to this certain member. You could do that by generating a new account with the membername plus a given Suffix and transferring all content to that new Account. Therefore all account data would be gone and all content would be preserved and still linked to one certain member. Example: "mike" would be "mike_deleted" after deletion of the original account. Right now, all content of deleted members merge up in the guest account, which is not very nice. And i got a bug: After requesting a deletion, the Info boxes end up empty all the time:
  2. ... but sometimes the members tell the admins, that they kept posting until they realized that noone was listening anymore. so happening in my case.
  3. Nobody else having problems with this?
  4. Suite

    Hello, i'm not able to upgrade the software. It tells me that this is not a valid application:
  5. Hello, if there are two members in a conversation and one leaves the conversation, the other member is still able to reply. Why is it possible to reply when nobody else is there? Expected behavior would be: - Replying possible when more than one person is in the conversation - Replying NOT possible when only a single person is in the conversation (After you add another user, replying is possible again) Many users in my forum complained, that they didn't realize that the recipient left the conversation and kept on writing...
  6. Suite

    Is it possible, to make "positive" the default setting when giving feedback? It happened arleady a few times, that members were given negative feedback by accident.
  7. Suite

    When i try to install the new version, the forum gives me an error, that the archive is not valig or is corrupt. I downloaded it several times an tried to upload it several times, but no success. Any hints?
  8. Suite

    is it ment to be, that you can't leave feedback on small displays? The create button then gets replaced by a "start new topic" button
  9. Yes, that's the correct URL. Designers Mode was the problem, thanks.
  10. What could be the reason that the Cookie notice is not being displayed? Plugin is active, IPB 4.1.7
    What reasons colud be there, that the Cookie notice won't show up?
  11. Is there an official statement, that the patch is compatible with 3.4.5?
  12. Hello? :cry: