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  1. Yes, I do agree with this. I have a Facebook page for my community, but I have not enabled the Facebook login option... I'm going yo try this. Thank you for these useful information.
  2. I believe this option should be added in the ACP too : admins need to be able to unsubscribe members from all content they follow.
  3. Hello I suppose there is a solution now to embed Dailymotion videos ? It is obviously working here, but it doesn't work on my board (version What can be the reason ?... I have Media tag installed on m board : perhaps it's the cause of the problem ? (but I just have disabled Media tag and the problem is not fixed). Thank you
  4. Hello ! To be successful, your forums : - must evolve, - must be useful to your members, - must be a place where people like to discuss and share ideas : I mean you have to animate it. You must be working on your forums everyday, after work to make it alive and a place people like to visit.
  5. As for me, I would like to have an option to choose which forums (and thus topics) can be excluded from the Leaderboard. In fact I have a few forums where members simply chat about everything (jokes, etc.) and I would like to exclude the topics posted in these forums from the Leadernboard...
  6. I do agree with you. As a board admin, I will be more than happy to use this 2FA feature. But I also know that nearly all of my board's 195 000 members do not care at all about technical aspects : they work all day long and then, at the end of the day, when they visit my board searching for content and help, the last thing they want is having to reflect upon a board's feature they don't understand or which is difficult to use. They need things to be simple, efficient and easy.
  7. I experienced the same problem and I have many missing thumbnails... As for you Links Directory, it loaded very fast for me.
  8. Hello ! I get an error when I try to add a new category in Links Director (in my ACP) : What can be the reason for this error ? Thank you !
  9. Hello ! I have about 800 users online and I don't use any cache software (like xCache). My server has got 2 SSD disks, 64 Gb RAM and the processor is Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1650 v3 @ 3.50GHz. My database is now 11 Gb big... With IPS Community 3.4, everything was working fine because I had a table in Memory and two other tables were InnoDB (these were the tables causing problems - If I remember well, it was sessions and core_item_markers tables, not sure). Regarding IPS Community4, everything worked fine after I changed all tables from MyISAM to InnoDB. I also noticed each time I upgraded to a new IPS Community version (for instance, from IPS Community 3.4 to version 4), I had Apache performance problems for some time. I suspect search engine bots to be responsible for this (anyway in the logs I found there were too many connections for bots).
  10. Ok, I've found out what is wrong : the problem was linked to the sub-categories. I used to have two level of categories. For instance : links/category1/sub-category1. And the links which are in the sub-categories no longer worked. They also no longer appeared in Links Directory categories page, but if you ran a search you found them and they also appeared in the Random Links section, and in the database. When I looked in the ACP/Community/Links Directory/Categories content, I noticed that all sub-categories were disabled. I simply re-enabled them and now everything's ok. :)
  11. I have another problem which occured after I upgraded to IPB version 4 and began using the new Links Directory : many links no longer work... I get an error message : The stats say I have 528 links... I checked in the database and saw like they do exist. So I tried to find out more looking at a link which doesn't work : For example, the url looks like this : mywebsite/links/link/2-des-idées-d39activités-en-arts-plastiques-sur-rustrelfreefr/ I see numbers (39) and accentuated characters (é) In the database, for the above example, I have this : It seems like the problem is linked to the characters in the url ?... How can I fix this ? Thank you.
  12. Hello ! I did the changes in the ACP languages section. My date language was English and the format was English too (MM DAY, YEAR --> December 9, 2016) : I simply translated the months and placed the {0#} at the beginning, so that I get DAY MM, YEAR (9 décembre, 2016) : Information needed is here : I also checked the locale was set to my language.
  13. Thank you. It worked.
  14. Hello ! I'm using version Is it useful to upgrade to the last version ? Anyway, my Links Directory doesn't appear in the "Out of date" section in my ACP... So I don't know how to upgrade... Thank you for your help !
  15. Thank you ! I had not noticed this link... What about the "Keep member's name" option ? What do you think of it ? Thank you !