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  1. Hello ! I'm deleting topics in a forum. When I delete all topics in one page (page 20) : once the topics are deleted, I'm sent to page 30... I think it would be better to stay at page 20... Thank you.
  2. It worked fine. Thank you !
  3. I've bought and installed the app (just had a few database error messages easlily fixed in the ACP). It really looks good. I've translated nearly everything but I can't find where to translate "Links Directory" : Do you know where I can do this ? Thank you.
  4. Yes, I still have the V3 version listed in out of date applications. If I understand well, since this is a new application, I have to buy it again...
  5. Hello ! I was using Links Directory with IPB 3.4 and when I upgraded, it stopped working. Now, I'm a little lost : it seems like the application sold here is not the same I was using. Here is what I have in my "Billing and purchases" section : What should I do now ? If I buy the application sold here, will it keep/use the data (hundreds of links...) I used to have in my old Links Directory app ? Thank you !
  6. Yes, that's right. Regarding security patches, it's ok to install them as soon as they are published. Regarding other updates, I prefer choosing the day and time when I do it : when I have enough free time to install, then translate, then try to fix problems, etc.
  7. Hello ! Is there a reason for providing the security update with the update ? I would have liked to get and apply the security update today and wait for next monday to update to version 4.1.9. I felt forced to update immediately because of this security update. Is it normal that topics, posts, blogs, are being re-indexed after the update ? Thank you !
  8. I've just upgraded to IPB 4 and members are complaining about the fact that categories no longer exist in blogs... and I'm very worried about this too. What members don't like too is that blogs can now be read by guests... Of course, you can modify the configuration in "Manage blog/Edit blog" but you can only choose between two options : - Everyone can read this blog - Only the members I choose can read this blog Is there a way to make the blogs readable only by all the board's members and not by guests ? Thank you !
  9. I've setup the cron and saw it's running (tail -f /var/log/cron under ssh). Regarding the content rebuilt, is there a way to see the percentage done and left when using the cron ? Thank you !
  10. OK. I'm going to setup the cron and see if it's faster.
  11. No, I've not setup a cron. I've just had a look and I suppose I need to login to the ACP, then go to the advanced configuration and choose to use cron. Then it gives me a line to add under ssh which looks like this one : /usr/local/bin/php -d memory_limit=-1 -d max_execution_time=0 /home/mysite/public_html/forums/applications/core/interface/task/task.php 11856d90a47c84a484a5839f1c1deabb I can do this if it's needed to increase the value of the content per cycle.
  12. Hello ! I also have this speed problem while my server is very powerful : RebuildPosts - IPS\forums\Topic\Post - 56736 / 8388702 Please, can you explain how to achieve this exactly ? Thank you
    Bonjour. Avant tout, un grand merci pour ce travail. Quand j'ai voulu modifier le contenu d'un sujet sur mon forum, je me suis aperçu que le bouton de l'éditeur indiquait "Créer le sujet" au lieu de "Publier" ou "Envoyer les modifications". J'ai fait les modifications dans le fichier de langues (dans l'ACP ; key : submit_topic ; App : forum ; English : Submit Topic). J'ai choisi "Publier", ne sachant pas si cette clef est également utilisée pour créer de nouveaux sujet.
  13. Thank you. :) My server has got 12 cores and 64 GB, so I believe it will be about the same...
  14. Hello ! :) If I understand well, the first thing to do is convert the database to UTF8. Can you tell me how long it will take for a 8 GigaBytes database ? Thank you :)