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  1. Although I can appreciate the work that has been invested in a very nice plugin, you CAN NOT remove or purchase the right to remove the copyright. I don't see the point in purchasing a copyright removal from IPB when a product that depends on IPB doesn't offer the same. Again, Tutorials is a great product but it does need a BUYER BEWARE label for customers that prefer this option. Especially at the price you pay.
  2. Thank you for the help with the logo. I have one more issue, however. When I disable the slider on the forum page, the background color changes to black. When I enable the slider, it goes back to its set color. ???
  3. Is there a reason I can't get the Easy Logo Changer to work with Maxx Light? I've tried several times, it says the image has been loaded but I'm still getting the text logo instead. Nice skin otherwise!