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  1. ​Might want to rename that setting, since it sounds like it's just max image size, instead of just the thumbnail. Maybe just call it "Thumbnail size"?
  2. ​ ​Sure, go ahead and start something, maybe there are more of us crazy gamers floating around here that can share some wisdom on making and running successful sites
  3. ​Very cool. Good to see fellow server community leaders
  4. ​Yup, I run the northern shiverpeaks community using IPB
  5. ​I just tested this on IP 4 beta, if you set your image processing to image magick (php extension installed of course), it won't strip the profile. I actually don't think GD 2 even supports profiles.
  6. testing this board is obviously set to use GD. On my beta board, it's using image magick You can see the color shift.
  7. ​Theoretically, the workaround (at least in 3) is to use galleries (my media option) in a post to get an accurate thumbnail, but it's a lot of clicks to get to the full size image. And, of course use image magick instead of GD 2...
  8. Looks like GD does strip the profile at least in gallery, while image magick retains it. Not sure what the forum in 3 is using to re-sample the images, but it seems like it's just the GD 2 library since it strips out profiles in post attachments. Guess i could trance it in a debug or sift through the code. Either way, it would be nice to have the option of using image magick across all modules, not just the gallery.
  9. This is basically a GD or image magick script, not sure why it's not utilized in 4? It's obviously a setting in the admin... As far as profiles, pretty sure if you use the image magick instead, it retains the profile or should, by default. Not sure how GD works, never needed to code for it.
  10. I'm also interested in switching, i must have totally overlooked the newer skin.
  11. hurray! now i just need time to use it!

  12. testing my bpc account updates

  13. I'm about to chuck my ps3 out the window!