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  1. Doing well Susan, just taking a couple weeks off with the wife and kids. We're all doing well. Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.
    Take care dear!

  2. Take it apart (what have you got to lose at this point) and check the inside solder out. Error 74 relates to the GPU as others have stated, hence why I posted the above quote.
  3. LOL.... another one!!! "Evil Grin" ;)

  4. LOL, I've been around, just super busy lately... you know what it's like. Uni must be taken a good portion of your time also. Hope all is well also mate. :)

  5. LOL, glad it made someone laugh. :D

  6. Happy belated birthday buddy. Hope you had a good one? :D

  7. Doing good dear.... just dying to see an end to this snow, lol!
    Hope all is well with you? Keeping out of trouble I hope? ;)

  8. LOL, sorry for taking so long to reply. Yes, I agree, I'm officially tired of winter now.

  9. Happy Birthday old man! :*

  10. Hey dear.... just also stopping by to say "hi" :P. Take care, and I hope all is well? :D

  11. Happy New Year mate!

  12. Have a Happy New year mate... all the best! :)