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  1. Hi Steve, ready for the holidays? I haven't even started yet. Hoping all is well. :-)

  2. Doing well Susan, just taking a couple weeks off with the wife and kids. We're all doing well. Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.
    Take care dear!

  3. Hi Steve, thought I'd drop by and see how things are going. Hoping all is well. :-)

  4. Do not click this...loool :-)

  5. Take it apart (what have you got to lose at this point) and check the inside solder out. Error 74 relates to the GPU as others have stated, hence why I posted the above quote.
  6. LOL.... another one!!! "Evil Grin" ;)

  7. LOL I'm not clicking that link again :p

  8. LOL, I've been around, just super busy lately... you know what it's like. Uni must be taken a good portion of your time also. Hope all is well also mate. :)

  9. Where have you been?

  10. LOL, glad it made someone laugh. :D

  11. Brilliant, just brilliant! Of course I had to click that link! Everyone should!

  12. Thank you, Steve! I had a great birthday. :)