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  1. I'll renew my license only when this is implemented. At the moment the editor is the worst I've ever had.
  2. It doesn't work anymore for me, since 3.3 upgrade the plugin just does not work.
  3. Yep had to disable it as well, so can't use it anymore.
  4. Thanks for your simple tut on Flowplayer. It is very appreciated.

  5. I've found it, this is it: Open admin/applications/forums/modules_public/forums/forums.php Look for: //----------------------------------------- // Get main topics //----------------------------------------- Add below: $sort_key = 'state DESC, '.$sort_key; That's it. Thanks to I30 (~Im4eversmart) for this code.
  6. I'd like to have my closed topics underneath all open topics, how can we achieve this? I had it on 3.0.5 but I don't remember how, on 3.1.2 it doesn't do a thing. It's very ugly having locked topics in between open ones.
  7. Quickreply also works for me. I only have a date problem, it's not the date in the forum view but like: 1277768744 while this post was only a minute ago. It could be an upgrade problem in stead of a skin problem though.
  8. I never did a thing but just plain upgrading the forum to 3.1.1, after that everything worked.
  9. I didn't note any problems upgrading to 3.1.1 (in a test location) apart from the dates being strange.
  10. On the new server installation there is no 100% server load on changing settings ^O^
  11. It's in the ACP, search for rewrite and you'll find the option. For example: it removes the index.php from your address bar, better for search engines and nicer looking. It works with a .htaccess file.
  12. RC is giving the same apache2 100% cpu load problem, so that has not been sorted out. I've planned to reinstall my server tomorrow, so then things should be fine. It still is a weird bug though.
  13. I'll be reinstalling my server with a new control panel, new Debian version, new php, I'm sure this will solve the problem, but I do think you're missing out on an opportunity to fix some kind of rare bug ;)
  14. I can't upgrade php any further, it won't let me (apt-get dist-upgrade holds it back). Any findings in my php.ini?
  15. lol! Where did the whole 2-page story go :P