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  1. I see. Then that is not such an issue but merged topics have always been a problem even with other forum software. Would be a nice feature to have though.
  2. This is not only an issue with merged topics but any topic that is renamed. There is an advantage to having a topic accessible by topic ID only. Each topic URL in IPS already includes that ID so I assume it's just a matter of allowing topics to be displayed even if the SEO part doesn't match. For example: This URL could also open this topic eventhough it doesn't have the topic title included in the URL.
  3. I upgraded from to 4.1.14 and now my board has been reindexing topics and posts for more than 24 hours. This has happened on one of the previous minor version upgrades as well. Why is reindexing needed so often? It's an issue for large boards. Will reindexing be needed for each upgrade in the future?
  4. Why is that useful? The point of inserting an image is that it is visible.
  5. This is a suggestion and question, if this is possible. Often users who do not have a lot of technical knowledge try to copy/paste images straight from their computer. They don't attach images but just paste them. The problem is that when they write the post, the images are visible since they have the images hosted locally but when the post is published, it shows broken images. I know some WYSIWYG editors know how to handle images inserted with copy/paste. Is this something that could be implemented in IPS as well? Should this question perhaps better be addressed to the author of the editor IPS uses?
  6. Great to hear. Please share your server/hosting specs. Did you use cron or did you manually run the tasks? Does this mean I will receive support if I have the same issue on my next test upgrade or only for live upgrade?
  7. Why would that be annoying? It would actually be very useful since you could give feedback about your server specs which would help rule out or confirm server hardware as the main reason/excuse for slow running background tasks. Simply an elimination process of possible causes. If possible please share how many users and posts your board has and how much time all the background tasks took when you upgraded from v3 to v4.
  8. I did exactly what you suggest Charles, long before posting here. Please see request ID 950772 and tell me what else I could have done to get better support? I'm not being cynical but really want to know because I'm often left feeling frustrated after dealing with IPS support. Most of the time it's because it takes many posts to even explain what the problem is and in many cases the problem is not solved but I'm told it's just the way it is. It would save me and IPS a lot of time to find a better way to communicate.
  9. Why haven't all those admins responded to these topics and said how fast their upgrade process was? Instead I've heard from @David T. Cole (enterprise customer who had the same experience as me - how do you explain his case since IPS was doing the upgrade?), @TSP (said Neowin website with 11 million posts took 1 month to get their background tasks finished), @JordanRash (500k posts and more than 2 days with background tasks still running), user @cwir (contacted me via private message and said his board with 1 million posts took over a week to upgrade as well). In this topic alone users @sound, @Ocean West, @Dolphin., @Nathan Explosion, @Drew D , @SecondSight , @Prank have complained about slow running of background tasks as well. That's a long list of people that have had the same problem. I'm sure many boards have been upgraded but my guess is that not a very large percentage of those are large boards. I don't know why I even started listing all the people with problems since the main problem here is that IPS is not willing to give assistance in diagnosing the reason for slow execution of background tasks. I'm on a dedicated server with i7-2600 Quad Core processor, 32 GB DDR3 RAM and 2x 3 TB SATA III HDD. Am I right to assume that these specs should be enough to get the job of converting 2 million posts executed sooner than 7-8 days since the whole server has only one active site on it? When I asked support (request ID 950772) how to speed up the process, I was told: "If you already have this setup on a cron, there isn't anything more you can do in this case, if you tried in increase the amount per cycle, it would likely cause many errors due to resources." When I said I'm on a dedicated server with no other active sites and asked if setting a cron would speed up the process, I received this reply: "running it manually from the acp is actually faster than a cron, so that is the quickest method". It is my understanding that this is not true and cron is actually faster than manually running the tasks. Conflicting information from IPS. Lindy, you hinted that since my ticket was regarding a test re-build it would have been given more attention, if I was doing a live upgrade. This is silly. The whole point of doing test upgrades is to identify problems and avoid them when doing things live. IPS policy to only assist with live upgrades is pretty useless to me. Chances are that between the time I report the ticket and you manage to find a solution, a week will already have gone by and the tasks will have been completed without your help but in the meantime all my users would have been pissed and reporting problems for a week. I'm the head of customer support in our company and deal with customer complaints like this on a daily basis so it's even harder to understand why agents aren't given more freedom to asses when these policies should be bypassed. Since Lindy thinks this is not a problem it probably means noone thinks anything should be done differently to avoid such conflicts with clients. Try to see this situation from my POV. I'm told I can't get support regarding a problem I know will occur, until it is present on my live board. When I ask questions that would help me fix the problem with my own resources (e.g. which resource on the server causes slow background task execution), I receive no reply. When I upgraded my test board to I had to rebuild the posts index which again took 2-3 days (that's on top of the 7-8 days for the initial v3 to v4 upgrade). When I and others asked if this will happen on all minor upgrades, no reply was given. Taking all this into consideration my opinion is that IPS is handling this poorly. Perhaps my frustration is stronger because from past experience over the years of being an IPS client and following this board I know that IPS seems very rigid concerning some issues and it doesn't matter how many people complain, nothing changes. There are things people have been complaining about or suggesting for years and nothing has happened. But countless hours have been spent posting replies negating customers opinions. So since I don't expect anything to improve, the only other thing to do is to let my frustration out here on the board. At least it will make me feel better. I'll try this one last time since I've received no reply the last time. Which server resource is the key to make the tasks run faster? Is it processor speed, RAM quantity, HDD speed, caching, MySQL settings etc.? Simply saying your server doesn't have enough resources is a BS answer. Tell me which resource on my server I have to upgrade and I'll do it. If you can't tell me what it is that I have to upgrade then my only conclusion is that you don't know really know the reason but just found a convenient/easy excuse. I'm sure shared hosting clients have all sorts of limits on their packages but VPS and dedicated server clients should not be in the same situation or can change the settings of their servers. Help them out and we can avoid tens of pages of writing to each other. If I were IPS, I would see more sense in sacrificing a few hours to try and diagnose the reasons for slow background tasks execution than writing long posts trying to convince others that they are only a small percentage like that makes anyone feel any better. You lose time in both cases but at least you've shown some effort to actually solve the issue, if you invest some effort into troublehooting the problem. Chances are you'll also improve your product in the process of doing it. My 0.05 $.
  10. When my test upgrade from v3 to v4 took more than a week I contacted support and I was told it is the way it is. So no, contacting support will not help either. In this thread and the one I started, it was requested many times that a more optimal way to run background proccesses is provided. So far there has been little to no effort from IPS to help customers diagnose what is the bottleneck on otherwise powerful dedicated servers when performing background tasks. Some admins said they "tweaked" the script themselves to make it do the work faster. I even asked if upgrading every minor version will cause the need for the post index to be rebuilt (it took several days on my board when I did the upgrade to 4.1.12) but no answer was given in that topic. I think there are a lot of people here (including me) who are willing to give their feedback and help with testing ways to speed up these background tasks, if IPS had interest in solving this issue which is obviously a problem for large boards.
  11. Please share your results. IPS doesn't appear to be bothered with this problem but a lot of admins of big boards are facing problems since background tasks take so long.
  12. Sadly, no.
  13. I remember reading that post by @Lindy but if my memory serves me well it was about analytics so each new page will count as a new page view. Not sure if it will also refresh the ads?
  14. My major issue with images/attachments is how they are handled when you attach them to a post. If you don't include them manually, they are included as full size images. It makes for very long and huge posts. I would prefer if attachments were included as thumbnails, if you don't insert them in a post manually. There is also no option to link images or albums from the gallery to your post. Not just your own images/albums but also to alert other users to a great image/album someone else posted. I think in general IPS could do more for the suite as a whole to make it more of a community. Individual apps are still very separated and don't have enough options to share content between apps.
  15. I believe this feature was removed in v3 already. Matt explained the reasons in this very topic. My understanding is that page X of certain topic is not page X for each user, if they have a different number of posts per page. When all users have the same number of posts per page, they also have the same number of pages in topic. You can however modify the number of posts per page for the whole board. Perhaps you and your users can reach a compromise on a number since I doubt IPS will be reintroducing this feature.