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  1. OP clearly stated in the first paragraph what he wanted to achieve and his definition of new topics (see quote below). There is no way to setup an activity stream like this. He can just have a list of new (updated) topics but not of new (created) topics.
  2. Does that mean these big things will be introduced/improved gradually through new versions of 4.1 or are they still planned for 4.2 but it will take longer than initially planned to get to 4.2?
  3. That's very useful, thank you, but I was thinking more in terms of what is to come in 4.2. It has been said that this version will have more emphasis on introducing some bigger improvements which take more time to develop. Is this still true and if so which major changes can we look forward to? When will the lightbox issue be fixed so that Gallery becomes more user friendly to move from one image to another and forum attachments open in lightbox as well? Is this still planned for 4.2?
  4. That's it. Are there any plans to bring it back? There are a few bigger issues pending so it would be nice to know when they are planned to be improved. I'm talking about things like topic marking improvement, handling of images in lightbox across all apps (an issue since 3.4 and not improved in IPS4) etc.
  5. This would also work great for forums that are moderated. If a certain topic is not approved, the moderator could enter a reason and that would automatically be forwarded to the topic author. @Lindy could you give us some feedback, if IPS would consider adding this feature to make moderating easier and cause less conflicts with the users?
  6. How would that work? Who decides who is the topic moderator? The OP?
  7. I don't see how uploading an image as attachment or directly pasted would make any difference as far as security is concerned. In both cases you're allowing the same file to be uploaded to the server. Right? It also doesn't make sense that enabling HTML would solve this. If the pic is only located on my PC and I paste it into the editor, no HTML code could magically make it visible to others, unless the pic is uploaded to the server first. Are we talking about the same thing?
  8. I see CKEditor has a plugin for this feature. Could IPS use this plugin to enable image uploading by simply copy/pasting images in the editor?
  9. I remember there was once a document that listed the planned features but I can't seem to find it. Wasn't there even voting for the most requested feature? I would love to see such a list again. Perhaps to see what we can expect in 4.2 and any other major changes in features that have been suggested (lightbox for images for all apps for example). Product feedback forum is nice but many topics aren't marked by IPS staff as either planned, rejected etc. so the users have no feedback where IPS stands on the matter. Sometimes it would be better to get an answer that something will never be added so at least we know where you stand. Just my 5 cents. I think IPS are doing a great job communicating with customers, I just wish the Product feedback forum would be handled like the bugtracker and receive notes from IPS staff for each suggestion/topic.
  10. I know devs are working hard on fixing bugs and it shows in the bug tracker. There are however some active bug reports in pending status that are a few months old and some don't even have any feedback from IPS staff. Would it be possible to clean them up and mark them as Won't fix or Planned for major fix so at least the bug reporter knows what's going on? I've found bugs dating back to 4.1.3 which are still pending. It's just the feeling that those bugs are forgotten.
  11. I totally agree with @daveoh and was planning on suggesting this myself. This would save so much time for moderators and keep down conflicts between users and mods. Users on my board often complained why a certain message was hidden and why they weren't notified. The reason was it would take too much time to notify them by PM so automating this would be awesome. P.S: I see the mention user bug is still alive and well since I can't mention the OP.
  12. I suggested this for IPB3 if I remember correctly and completely agree with you.
  13. I just used your site as an example since you said the suggested change would not work on similar sites. I have addressed your argument by saying that I think the logo is less important than breadcrumbs on mobile view so I do not believe logo flexibility is an important factor. Having more than half the screen width for the page logo is more than enough for me so I do not see an issue there. Even your website does not use the full width for the logo. How could you argument the need for having such a large logo that would not fit what I'm suggesting? I feel having breadcrumbs that have their titles cut off is a bigger issue. Making the logo a bit smaller on mobile view doesn't really hurt the user experience IMO but not being able to see the breadcrumb title directly affects the user. If you have a better idea how to fix it, please share. I just suggested what I believe would work and not have a negative impact. Do you have a different way of browsing a site you come across through Google that does not require the use of breadcrumbs?
  14. No need to get agressive. You offered your website as an example to prove your point so I posted my opinion. Now suddenly you don't want to discuss it? Seems like you don't want to hear opinions which do not reflect your own views. I did not ignore your point, I simply do not agree with it and tried to illustrate what I think would be a better solution. I think the page logo on mobile view is not the most important thing. It's good to see which website you're visiting but I would much rather have breadcrumbs with text that is not cut off. I believe users are more likely to use the breadcrumbs than click the logo and that is what I think should be improved. I suggested what I believe would fix that. What is the point of having a huge logo on mobile view? In my opinion it does nothing to improve the user experience, quite the opposite. Mobile view should be about simplifying things. I'm not disputing design but functionality. It just happens that I believe a small design change would improve functionality. And discussing suggestions is the point of this forum, is it not? P.S.: I didn't expect you to support this suggestion. I know from following these boards that you are biased to defending the way things are in the present. I respect your opinions but it's just something I noticed.
  15. I like your forum view but I think I would remove the blue background on topic view. It's a bit too much contrast but that just comes down to personal taste/preference. Actually I think your site is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. To me the logo placement looks out of place. It is not even centered. It's just there with no special purpose and lots of unused space. It's also an unusual logo, consisting of an icon and regular text (unique font though). If I were you, I would just use the G icon on mobile. It would look cleaner. And your install has an extra (plus) icon. Without that icon there is plenty of space for the whole logo. Look at the attached pic. I think that is much cleaner. And you could still put the + icon right of the breadcrumb or only use the G icon in the top row and have enough space for other icons.