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  1. Pages is a great app but if you use it as a news portal, you're likely going to use tags to mark articles. Here comes the problem. When you want to see all articles marked with a certain tag, you get forwarded to a search result page that also displays topics, gallery images etc. with that tag. On top of that you also get duplicate content, if you store your comments in a topic. Both the article and topic for that article are displayed since they both share the same tags. I wish there was a similar display like there is for articles from the same category. This way you could only display articles with the same tag.
  2. Can you please post a link? I can't find it among his files.
  3. Since IPS is ignoring this issue, does anyone know how to bring back the lightbox for mobile view? It used to be there but according to @Rikki it was removed/disabled due to negative feedback yet negative feedback in this topic has been ignored for over a year now...
  4. I understand IPS is planning a larger overhaul of the way images are added for 4.2 but surely something could be done about attachment thumbnails sooner. I would imagine this is not a big issue to solve.
  5. I think activity stream would give a much better overview, if items from different apps looked more unique. Gallery items already feature an image in the stream. Pages articles could also feature the article image. There should be a separate "template" for each app item (Pages articles, Store products, Downloads items, forum topics, forum posts, etc.) This way everything wouldn't look the same. Right now it is hard to distinguish new topics from new posts/replies. The icons look the same to me. On condensed view, there's even less difference. As much as I was against activity stream in the beginning, I must admit it has become a useful feature. It just needs a bit more polishing.
  6. I have to correct myself. The duplicate content is only visible when the article is created. In that case the stream tells you a new article and new topic have been created but they are the same. After you make new comments (even if you comment on the article) they are only shown once as new topic replies.
  7. I have. This setting just limits the number of items to one per topic, if more replies were made in that topic. It still shows article and topic for comments as two separate items though.
  8. Let's say you have an article that has comments inside the article as well as in a forum topic. Each time someone posts a reply/comment, both the topic and the article show up on the activity stream. I believe these are the same thing so on the activity stream, it should only display one item. The system knows both are connected and could only display one of them.
  9. This seems to be an old suggestion so I'm bumping it. It would also be useful, if the similar content results wouldn't include the article you are viewing.
  10. I miss the ajax pagination on the database page. Switching to next page always reloads the whole page. There should be an option for ajax pagination like there is for forum.
  11. I would like to set separators (, or .) myself. Currently I'm stuck with what the locale uses which is useless. My board shows 100 000 posts instead of 100.000 posts.
  12. I totally agree with you and have suggested this before but good luck getting someone from IPS to even acknowledge your idea. BTW, activity stream on this site is acting strange (filters don't work, results missing etc). Has the upgrade process to 4.1.18 been completed?
  13. Can this new feature "Images embedded in the editor can now have an alternative title set for accessibility" be used for image captions? Where is this image title displayed in the post?
  14. Here's a nice way to do it: It allows voting for/against, discussion and each suggestion is tagged in a way that you know what status the featue request is in. It's also a nice addition that when you start typing your suggestion, you are already presented with a list of similar suggestions which means less duplicate discussions.
  15. It would be great, if IPS handled adding images the same way across all apps. For example, when I add an image to Gallery, I can put some extra text as description for that image. If I were to use that image in an article or post, I have no option to display that description (caption).