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  1. I'm working on a new theme for my forum. I haven't done much work on the mobile theme yet and I'm still not sure about the colours, specifically the purple, so I would love to hear your opinions about it. Check it out:
  2. How long does it take for these changes to take effect? Because I've done all this but the https:// URL only works when I manually type it in for a page, it disappears and goes back to the old http:// URL when I browse to another page on my website. Edit: I've created a support ticket for this (see #973199)
  3. My bad. I forgot I had used another image-field on that specific page I was testing. It worked on the other pages.
  4. How do I activate Twitter cards? I added my Twitter handle in the record template file. But If I check the source of my page I cannot find the expected Twitter Cards meta tags.
  5. Can I order a self-hosted license now and add a domain name later? Or must I register a domain with my licence during the purchase process?
  6. I know when I will renew my subscriptions. Great new features!
  7. Your website is not loading for me.
  8. Thank you, I will fix that this weekend.
  9. Thank you. I've designed it myself.
  10. I've posted this site before but I've just finished a huge re-design, so I guess its OK to post it again?
  11. I think it's good that you have merged the forum with your website design, it looks so much better and more professional now. I don't see the problem. Potential costumers can just create a demo and/or check out the screenshots on the main website and they'll see the standard theme. Also, why would customers expect the forum design of this website to be included in the actual forum software?
  12. There are many good-looking sites here! I am also working on a new design for one of my forums, check it out:
  13. Interesting plugin, will it work with other IPS apps such as Pages and Gallery?
  14. It's a custom theme
  15. Here's a new project I am working on: