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  1. Thank you, I will fix that this weekend.
  2. Thank you. I've designed it myself.
  3. I've posted this site before but I've just finished a huge re-design, so I guess its OK to post it again?
  4. I think it's good that you have merged the forum with your website design, it looks so much better and more professional now. I don't see the problem. Potential costumers can just create a demo and/or check out the screenshots on the main website and they'll see the standard theme. Also, why would customers expect the forum design of this website to be included in the actual forum software?
  5. There are many good-looking sites here! I am also working on a new design for one of my forums, check it out:
  6. Interesting plugin, will it work with other IPS apps such as Pages and Gallery?
  7. It's a custom theme
  8. Here's a new project I am working on:
  9. @Lindy Can I only use the promo code for one purchase?
  10. Thank you!
  11. This sounds great! Is it possible to include this social stream (see image) on any webpage using Pages? Or am I limited to using only a widget? If so, how limited is the widget? Any demo/screenshot/examples?
  12. I am using 4.0 and it looks good on Edge, well except for the follow button, but I believe it looked a bit wrong in IE as well.
  13. I love it - especially the new Edge browser!
  14. Not a support question - but I am really interested in this plugin (especially when it has support for Pages databases) and I was wondering if there a demo available? Or maybe someone can link me a site where this plugin is being used on? Thanks!
    Detta är en bra svensk översättning till v4! Men när jag skriver detta så är inte allt helt översatt till svenska ännu och tyvärr är inte de andra delarna såsom Gallery och Blogs översatt. Väntar därför på en mer komplett uppdatering innan jag ger ett femstjärnigt betyg.