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  1. Any update on this?
  2. ughh.everytime I get a notification to this topic I keep hoping its Tom saying that its ready
  3. Can this also work on the Mobile Skin? I went to search for the skin edits that are listed and couldn't find the first set in the mobile skin template - - I found some of the others, but was afraid to do them since the first one wasn't there. Does anyone have this working on a mobile skin?
  4. I'm getting the icons to work on every forum except for my Redirect forum. It shows that its uploaded & enabled in the backend - but its not showing up. i've cleared cache & tried multiple things
  5. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in/home/battlest/public_html/forums/admin/applications_addon/other/gsidebars/sources/classes/library.php(1161) : eval()'d code on line 1 This is what we have in the block When we enable the Global Sidebars - the forum index sidebar disappears and we get the Parse Error on the topic view /* Make sure the pageBuilder class is loaded */ if ( !ipsRegistry::isClassLoaded('pageBuilder') ) { $classToLoad = IPSLib::loadLibrary( IPSLib::getAppDir('ccs') . '/sources/pages.php', 'pageBuilder', 'ccs' ); ipsRegistry::setClass( 'pageBuilder', new $classToLoad( ipsRegistry::instance() ) ); }print ipsRegistry::getClass('pageBuilder')->getBlock('sidebar1');
  6. sweet - great job
  7. - The settings are set in the backend to show RATINGS with just 1 vote - however when you look at where that thread is posted when looking at the index of that forum - its not showing any stars for the rating
  8. Any idea what would be causing the White Banner?
  9. Made a quick vid to show what it looks like: I clear the cookies etc and then I open up an incognito browser to replicate a guest viewing the site and you'll see the banner is WHITE. I also tested Firefox and IE to make sure it wasn't chrome and I encounter the same issues
  10. Alright - thanks for helping us out on our original issue - having 1 more now. We would like to set the default to RED - and we followed the instructions. But everytime we try to refresh as a visitor the banner is showing as WHITE - which is IPContent if THAT is the first page they have visited However - if they visit the FIRST - then it is right and then when they go to the homepage then the header is right apparently We have cleared cache - we have tried doing fresh installs - deleting cookies etc. When the banner is white you can select a color and it works but we don't want the default to be white for visitors
  11. Tried sending you a PM on here and it says its not available - but i also sent you a skype request so i can shoot u the temp login
  12. Did all of your suggestions and it has the same outcome.
  13. Try now
  14. I just purchased Luminious - installed it - everything looked right but as soon as we switched to a new color from the drop down it all went haywire and can't get it back
  15. I prefer this skin and the overall feel but I do like the Pulse Social Media bar and icons - if I get this skin can I use the social media bar and implement it within this one?