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  1. but it should count at least status post as a content . is it possible to do that or there is no way ? coz if someone update status it wont increment the post count but like/reputation counts. and profile show 0 content with 20 reputation. either the 1st status post should count or like/reputation also doesnt count as a reputation same as status post. its like 1 thing is working and 2nd is not. most of my user do status updates they have 0 content but have reputations .
  2. Hello everyone , i need lil info or help. whenever i upload any status or comment in status those are not counting in my total content. is it by default or im missing something. suppose i have 10 total content including topic , post comments etc, and i submit new status or comment on any status it should count as a content but its not and i still have 10 content. is it a bug, or im missing some thing..
  3. yeah thats what im saying but instead of clicking is it possible to have an option like - unpin all topics a single option even in ACP forum= unpin this forum topics kind of option without selection from front end.
  4. isi possible to have a option of remove all pin topics or feature topics in every forum .
    A decent and perfect theme would love to use this on my forum. thanks soo much for distributing this freely
  5. Sorry, there is a problem FILE_DOES_NOT_EXIST Error code: 1S111/1 @Mark getting this error msg while upload the images in version. tried alot. 1st time i stucked on images uploading then i refresh and tried to re upload and now i cant upload any image could u please tell me what this msg means. or how to fix this ..
  6. i totally agree with @Kjell Iver Johansen i think google docs embed option should be include. like pdf files or etc. coz sometimes editor plugin of pdf , flash or google doc plugin crash the editor. and thts like a headache to fix editor to defualt and re-arrange again everything. hope u will include that too please @Daniel F
  7. its normal entries blog rss feed. not importing rss.. in blogs app few blogs are showing rss and few are giving error.. specially old ones. when i clicked of specific blog rss it should show me blog name rss but im getting only 1 latest blog rss and tht page giving this error. i made a new blog from ACP and that blog was showing rss feed . is it possible to create new rss page for specific blog. coz im not getting tht option. and also forum to blog entry option which we had before in version 3 its not showing in version 4. ips remove tht option or is there i need to click something.. if u can please let me know thanks for reply here r the screen shots and after clicking latest entries i m getting error
  8. hi guys need some help please rss feed page is giving me this config error any idea how to fix this please
  9. no1 knows abt this problem .. ??????? any idea any clue ?????
  10. Not a single reply at all :-s
  11. Hi Need some help please, In my forum i can export status as a admin or owner. but for regular users or new users when they register their ID in facebook permission window they dont get status option import or export, only public and email permission. but when i as a admin or application creator i register or integrate my id with my account with facebook id , in permission i do have permission set of status, public and email. i can export status. but members can't. Am i doing some mistake or there is some other issue. Sorry forget to tell that in member or other groups status import permission is on for all too but still same issue. there is no issue with registering and dp or cover image import but only for status. can someone help me please. Thanks 1st screen shot is from facebook regular user and 2nd is from my id .. From My Faecbook Permission Im getting Option Below
    the best plugin tool for my mobile users. very handy and now much easier for creating or uploading. 5 star
    awesome thanks soo muchhhh