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  1. Yes. I'm working on it.
  2. Yes, it will be posted as an update. You don't need to buy the product again.
  3. Hello The current product doesn't have such a feature, maybe we add it in the future for the IPB4 compatible version. We will take this as a suggestion for now. Regards
  4. Can you check the PHP error logs for any errors on this page?
  5. I'm working on it, but to be honest with you, not full-time. The product is not about publishing only, it has embedded tweets, twitter cards. etc. I already have a deadline for myself that this shouldn't exceed beyond September. was already upgraded to 4.0 a while ago. Regards
  6. Well, to say June is very optimistic. The summer is from June until mid September.
  7. ​My plan is to get it out during the summer, I hope it will succeed.
  8. ​Which version of the gallery are you using?
  9. Are you creating albums with no pictures?
  10. Is it frequent? What is the referral page?
  11. ​Not in the current features.
  12. It's not compatible with third party product. Especially if we are not aware of them.
  13. Sign with Steam, is that another third-party application?
  14. Hello This is meant. What version of IPB are you using? Regards
  15. This is not meant to be accessed from here. You can access this from member page in Admin CP. Where you can disable members' 2SA.