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  1. Much Thanks!
  2. Any update on this Charlie?
  3. So you can just buy IP content + core without the boards?
  4. Do you offer a package for just IP content as a cms?
  5. Hello, I was wanting to use this on my IP content page, Along time ago i used the !--fcontent_#--> not it wont work with new updates.. tried using {parse expression="$this->registry->fshow->_start(2)"} with no success, Many thanks!
  6. Thank you!
  7. ​May i ask if you elaborate a little bit.. where is this task manager? Thank you,
  8. Hello, great app, Im having issues with being online and nothing showing up/ same with sidebar on index This is what i get when im currently streaming . Also, in the admin cp, it says im only running "Live Streams v1.0 v1.0.0" when i downloaded 1.0.1 and on the zip file its listed as 1.0.1 Thanks! Debug___________________________________ PHP version 5.4.34.cURL extension loadedDOM extension loaded.GD extension loaded.Multibyte String extension loaded.MySQLi extension loaded.OpenSSL extension loaded.Session extension loaded.SimpleXML extension loaded.XML Parser extension loaded.XMLReader extension loaded.XMLWriter extension loaded.Zip extension loaded.512M memory limit.No Suhosin restrictions.
  9. Any word with this working with 4.0 yet?
  10. Fixed::
  11. Having an issue with the image for the feature block!
  12. Hello, I am not having any moderation options showing up, move, delete etc...
  13. I tried that before i posted here, sorry i should of included in the last post,
  14. Hello How can i change the name in the 2 highlander aries to Knowledge Base