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  1. +1
  2. That's awesome....we're migrating to SparkPost as I type.
  3. +1 for SparkPost app.
  4. We are also most definitely going to be looking for an alternative to Mandrill. It would really suck if we didn't have the ability to use this app, as-is or a new version with another email provider. I have no issues paying $20 for a MailChimp account. The issue is that we are going to need to pay for almost 300K members in order to send our monthly newsletter once per month. That's an additional $1,300 for sending one newsletter. Not gonna happen!
  5. Same here
  6. Funny how things work. I think we are going to take another stab at this. Stay tuned.....
  7. How much money are you willing to contribute to a crowdfunded solution? I love your crowdfunding concept! It would really help IPB build out their app store. The plan was never to release apps for 3.4. We were just testing on 3.4 because that's what most forums were running at the time.
  8. Thank you for your business and marketing advice "Build it and they will come" I've heard those words muttered before.....from a bankrupt buddy. There's a lot that goes into app and software development. Your post is an oversimplification of a decision that took over a year to make. It's not as simple as build it and they will come. We created something for 3.4 because 4.0 wasn't released when we started our beta. All of our beta testers were running 3.4 and most large communities I've looked at still haven't upgraded to 4.X yet. Most of the members that did reach out to us had zero interest in actually paying for software. The lack of willingness to spend money on software seems to be a huge part why this community hasn't evolved like others I'm part of. I know many people that make a very good living off of selling their 3rd party apps for Shopify, Wordpress, Salesforce etc. Sadly, this isn't the case here.
  9. We decided to put the ForumMob project on hold, indefinitely. There wasn't enough interest shown from this community where it made sense to proceed, sorry.
  10. Is this an update for the IP.Board 3.4 version as well?
  11. "There are two files available for download, one is for IPS4 and one is for IP.Board 3.4" Is this an update for IPB 3.4, the version number is the same as previously (1.2) ?
  12. Love this mod!, thanks! I think topics moved into a forum with prefixes should inherit the prefix. Can you fix or add this option to your mod, please?
  13. Thanks! We've received quite a bit of feedback from beta testers. We're going back to the table and hopefully we'll have something ready by the time V5 is released
  14. Yup! Pace is going slower than we would like, but we're making progress and hope to have our products out by the end of summer.
  15. The plan is to support Windows once we have a stable iOS and Android release. Exactly!