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  1. I can't see anything in the logs (if I'm looking correctly ) The error comes with this URL after a manual donation --> HTTP ERROR 500 http://www.domain.com/admin/?adsess=fjvmclnus7dq3q9dbvbor6gv42&app=donate&module=donations&controller=donations&do=add
  2. A copy of .... the URL ?
  3. @pequeno You can install it , it works 100% , only has a weird title - a beauty error ...that's all I'm sure he will fix it !! It is System --> Site Features --> Plugins --> (DP41) CSE Google --> EDIT ( Title on the top )
  4. Hello, If I add a manual donation I get a error (but the donation works) : HTTP ERROR 500
  5. Working on the lastest version of IPS the plugin shows a weird title :-) (DP41) CSE Google <span class='ipsType_small ipsType_unbold ipsType_light'>1.0.1</span>
  6. Yes thank you .... deleting a single picture would be highly appreciated
  7. please create it for version 4.X
  8. :thumbsup: you are da bomb !!! :rofl:
  9. Hello, has this code changed ? I'm not able to disable adds in the gallery http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/300989-download-dp34-advanced-adverts/page-16#entry2280523 Just upgraded, and now I have below code before the ad, can I remove it somewhere ? <div style='text-align: center;'> </div>
  10. DawPi's Support is The Best !!
  11. What vendor is the winner ?
  12. Will in interfer with 3th party tools like google adsense ?
  13. Should I wait for IPS CDN or go for MAXCDN ? How is IPS CDN work with google adsense ? Does it interfer with 3th party ?
  14. It is released version three point O
  15. Hello DawPi, Can you please upgrade the Advanced Adverts to be compatible with version 3.3.4 ? Yesterday my board crashed and it was giving me driver errors, and some tables where corrupt. I opend a ticket and support has told me that the version now is not compatible with version 3.3.4 When they disabled the Hook and fixed the tables all was working again. After the fix I enabled the hook again and it gave me the same driver error page. Then I disabled it and all was working again . It's strange because it worked before and suddenly it doesn't Can you please please upgrade the version to 3.3.4 ? Regards, Kurt