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  1. Does it work with ipb 3.0.5?
  2. Any chance you can reduce the size of signature image? This should compress to under 20kb quite easily. Thanks.

  3. Ok thanks for your help anyway dude :D
  4. :D worked thanks a lot +reped you :) do you know how I can add other tabs in the bar?
  5. Also another question how do I add other tabs on the bar like a rules tab in the bar???
  6. Is there a similar hook but just music I add not radio? basically a player in the side bar
  7. Thanks :D I love this :P I have a lil problem after installing whe I or someone opens up friend list there is no images Look at this pic to know what I am talking about
  8. WOW Great mod when I replace ones IP address and when they post will it show the replaced address over the post or their own?
  9. Posts amazing hooks and mods
    Keep up the great work:D

  10. I have ipb 3.0.5 I am guessing it wont work on it right <_< I really wanted this :(
  11. Can you please update this so that its capable with 3.0.5 I really want it :(
  12. I tried this installed and added a block but the block isn't showing :blink: What went wrong Im using 3.0.5
  13. Great member helped me a lot