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  1. New: Fluid Forum View

    Nice! I can see this being very helpful in my community.
  2. New: Editor Uploading

    I'm loving all these upcoming usability improvements. Great job, guys!
  3. New: Copy Topic to Database

    This is great! I agree with @Terabyte and @Adriano Faria that it would be great to see this for other apps, too. Very useful.
  4. Babble: Real Time Chat

    @CodingJungle - I'm interested in Babble and have a couple pre-sales questions for you. 1) Let's say the admin uses the "Sign In" function to sign in as another member (from the admin cp) then visits the chat. Does the chatter name show up as the admin, or as the other user? The reason I ask this is because we have a role playing forum that uses this function, so it's important members can chat as their characters. 2) Is it possible to define different chat rooms in different widgets? Example: - In my support forum, I have a Babble widget that displays my "support" chat room. - In my general discussion forum, I have a Babble widget that displays the "general" chat room. I appreciate any information you can provide.
  5. New: Promoting Content

    This is fantastic! Great job, guys! Will we have the ability to post to multiple sources (such as multiple FaceBook Pages or Twitter accounts) or are we limited to one page per each social media service? Some of our content is relevant to our other communities, so it would be helpful to cross-promote.
  6. New: Clubs

    Wow, just wow! I have been waiting for this forever!
  7. New: Reactions

    I'm loving all the new social improvements! Great job, IPS team!
  8. Video: 4.2 So Far

    Nice! Thanks for the preview!
  9. New: SEO Improvements

    Definitely excited about search engine improvements.
  10. Template System

    Just curious if searchable fields was ever added? Otherwise, is there any way to sort entries based on a custom field?
  11. New: Word and Link Filters

    This looks great! I'm really enjoying the regular updates and upcoming feature previews.
  12. Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    1000+ times yes. I would love to see this!
  13. ALL CAPS

    Yep, I use the one you made for topic titles and love it. I'd gladly buy an add-on that worked for blogs, but would also love for this to be core.
  14. ALL CAPS

    My members are driving me crazy with topic and blog titles/entries in ALL CAPS. I suggest a switch for all IPS apps to stop the shouting. Ideally, this would include a list of allowed words (SQL, USA, etc.) that would be left alone. The rest would be converted to title case. I realize there is an add-on for this, but it only handles topic titles, not blogs or other apps. Also, defining this as custom CSS doesn't solve the issue of the caps remaining in the feeds. I'd really love this as a core feature.
  15. Coming Soon in 4.1.16

    Awesome! Thanks!