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  1. This looks great! I'm really enjoying the regular updates and upcoming feature previews.
  2. 1000+ times yes. I would love to see this!
  3. Yep, I use the one you made for topic titles and love it. I'd gladly buy an add-on that worked for blogs, but would also love for this to be core.
  4. My members are driving me crazy with topic and blog titles/entries in ALL CAPS. I suggest a switch for all IPS apps to stop the shouting. Ideally, this would include a list of allowed words (SQL, USA, etc.) that would be left alone. The rest would be converted to title case. I realize there is an add-on for this, but it only handles topic titles, not blogs or other apps. Also, defining this as custom CSS doesn't solve the issue of the caps remaining in the feeds. I'd really love this as a core feature.
  5. Awesome! Thanks!
  6. Agreed! I was just searching the forum here to see if this option was available. Seems odd that you can't link to a specific forum.
  7. Yes!!! Exciting stuff!
  8. I'm pretty interested in this. Could you please tell me if your integration shares the avatars of members, as well?
  9. *deleted*
  10. *deleted*
  11. This worked perfectly. Thank you!
  12. @newbie LAC I have Pages installed. Can I use this widget in the pages (even in the center blocks) or only in the sidebar?
    This is awesome! Works exactly as described and solved my SSL image issues. Thanks so much for providing this to the community!
  13. Thanks! That was actually very helpful. I wasn't aware of the "saved actions" option. Worked great to remove the prefix.
  14. I'm having the same issue. I moved a topic from a forum that requires a prefix to a forum that doesn't have any prefixes. Now I can't strip the prefix out. Is there any fix planned for this?