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  1. Agreed! I was just searching the forum here to see if this option was available. Seems odd that you can't link to a specific forum.
  2. I'm pretty interested in this. Could you please tell me if your integration shares the avatars of members, as well?
  3. *deleted*
  4. *deleted*
  5. This worked perfectly. Thank you!
  6. @newbie LAC I have Pages installed. Can I use this widget in the pages (even in the center blocks) or only in the sidebar?
  7. Thanks! That was actually very helpful. I wasn't aware of the "saved actions" option. Worked great to remove the prefix.
  8. I'm having the same issue. I moved a topic from a forum that requires a prefix to a forum that doesn't have any prefixes. Now I can't strip the prefix out. Is there any fix planned for this?
  9. Multiple pages are huge on my list, too. I've been waiting to purchase until this is implemented.
  10. That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
  11. Is it possible to limit specific tags to certain forums? I see the option to define default tags per forum, but this tags new topics with all defined tags. I want the user to select relevant tags without having to delete all the non-relevant tags. I'm using a closed tag system. If this is possible, can you please tell me how to accomplish it?
  12. Ah, I see. Thanks for your quick response!
  13. Will this work for blogs, too? I just did a recent import from another system (as you know! ) and would like to add some of the followers back in for specific blogs. It looks like this would be the perfect solution.
    Thanks so much for providing theses! Very useful!
  14. Sounds good!