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  1. Nevermind, it fixed itself!
  2. Hello! I really like this hook, and it looks great, but, for some reason, enabling it causes some of my skins to give the following error instead of loading the page: HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request. Any idea what could be wrong? Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. Done that already; it's rarely, if ever, used.
  4. I'd love to, but my community is nonprofit; nearly all of the revenue from our advertisements go towards hosting costs. And then I have to pay a yearly fee to keep using this one feature if I decide to update my board; I really don't care about the others. I might be forced to buy it, but I don't appreciate being forced to pay for a product because an update took away features that I previously received for free. The only reason I upgraded at all was because I saw in this support topic that JLogica promised that the paid version would only offer extra features, and not take away any functionality. Paying for it would just give him justification for this decision. Don't get me wrong; I very much appreciate the work on the mod; it truly is top-notch. But public awarding has been a free feature since before JLogica took it over; I'm very disappointed for it to have been monetized after I had so tightly integrated it into my community. I hope you reconsider; this is the sort of business move that companies get tons of backlash for (imagine if Facebook started charging a fee for you to use their chat system).
  5. So any word on whether or not awarding outside of the ACP will reappear in the free version? In my opinion, this should not be a "feature" but standard functionality within the application; without it, the application is extraordinarly cumbersome and borderline useless.
  6. If I had known that, I wouldn't have upgraded to the new version to begin with. It's one thing to release a paid version with extra features, but it's another entirely to take some of the features that were once free (and were once half the reason we began using this system) and then start charging for them.
  7. Hello! I've been using your Awards application for quite some time and am finding it very easy to use. However, ever since I upgraded JAwards from version 3.0.6 to 3.0.17, all buttons for public awarding have disappeared. All other Awards screens show up fine, and I can still award things manually through the ACP, but the buttons within peoples' profiles for giving them awards are gone entirely. I have the hook for it enabled, and I've correctly configured my permissions, but it still doesn't work. Any idea what's up?
  8. I've just installed this skin on my forum, and it looks great! However, it doesn't appear as if you've correctly skinned it for the newest versions of IP.Chat. Do you have any plans to do so?
  9. As the webmaster of a community that is focused around its emoticon system (it's a gaming-focused community that has many of said game's images as emoticons so they can be easily called), I totally agree. IP.Board 3.0 and 3.1 at least had okay emoticon management; the grid layout made it easy to scroll through everything, and you could add emoticons in bulk all at once (not upload, actually add). The new management screen is overly space-consuming, extremely difficult to use for forums with large amounts of emoticons, and painstakingly time consuming to add emoticons in bulk. My current plan is to keep upgrading my forum until our current six-month support cycle runs out and then go with that, but a revamped emoticon manager would earn another renewal purchase from us.
  10. Just to chime in, awards are not showing in the userpane on my 3.3 test board either (they worked perfectly fine on my 3.2 board with Awards version 2.2.4).
  11. This hook works great, thank you! Out of curiosity, is it possible to style the pinned post differently at all, and if not, would it be possible to add that in a future version? No worries if it's not, I'm just curious.
  12. Sorry to bump this again, but I really want to make sure it was noticed because i just had to add a few new emoticons today and the experience was terrible. In addition to the one-emoticon-a-line display (in which the option to move them up and down means nothing because refreshing the page randomizes the order again anyway), a number of unassigned emoticons in reality are assigned, and removing emoticons seems to randomly remove different ones from the one you selected. This system is terrible. What was wrong with the old one?
  13. Sorry to keep bumping this, but at least an acknowledgement by the staff would be fantastic.
  14. Agreed; the feature is pretty much unusable right now.
  15. Not a single word from the staff?