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  1. Well, there's certainly a lot here to question only because we don't know any details yet really. I must say however, as a theme developer I welcome any other way than the previous solution. It gets confusing being asked to use tracker for some things and not others. It also gets a little confusing in regards to having tickets closed and having to report the same issue again in tracker to get someone to authorize another ticket submission, I think that wears on everyone's nerves including IPB's So in short,, I guess I welcome a new system as long as we aren't spinning our wheels on previously reported bugs. Regards
  2. So tracker is gone? For good? How do I know what's alreay been reported so I don't need to spend time duplicating bugs reports? What about theme bugs,, we not allowed to submit them into support, has that changed? Regards
  3. That little green non-intrusive banner that reminds people of their services (not in our software but IPB's own sales site) ? That's my noggin scratchier for the day! Tough crowd,, tough crowd...
  4. Just as a suggestion, it would be nice to see when you click the rebuild images via "Posting" you could get some kind of indication of where the processing is at for rebuilding those images/sizes. I can see where someone would think this feature may not even work because they go to the front end and expect images to be resized immediately after clicking the link.Maybe this does show somewhere and I am missing that? DS
  5. If a reasonable priced solution couldn't be found how about just eliminating chat all together and let the third party handle it completely. I really don't think it's fair towards theme developers to expect them to put that kind of money out either. Of course no one has to put that money out but if you don't then you're not covering all the IPB applications. Thus the reason I say just eliminate chat all together and not have it as an IPB application but instead a third party program entirely or keep it proprietary. Don't like to see it go, use it with my clients and have used it several times in the past weeks. Comes in useful for me anyhow. Tough call here.
  6. I guess if it has to get replaced personally I would like to see a solution that's available to all. An additional 129.00 will cut a lot of people out imo. Regards
  7. Can we please review getting a "description" field for theme custom settings. If you make a plugin you can add a description, just not a theme custom setting. Some fields just need a little extra definition.. Regards
  8. Actually, I take it back, this seems to do what's it's supposed in the areas needed and does export in the theme so all's good for me. Regards
  9. Just as a reference My issue is not translation however, it's manually having to edit the theme file through ftp.. Can IPB consider another way to achieve this? I seen Mark made a post a while back that had a screenshot that included the Title. It appeared around the end of 2015 or maybe beginning of 2016 it was possible to include a title? To avoid this I can add all my Custom Settings of course to the customs tab, but it would be nice to be able to divide them up without digging in to the theme through ftp. Thanks
  10. % number is a bug, it has been reported and fixed as of last night.
  11. slider

    Always had good experiences with this plugin for 3.4 and Grant. Hopefully he or someone else rekindles the likes of his slider/function/design in the future.
  12. Hi Lindy It wasn't IPB who fixed this or guided me to the issue, for the record again, it was my host. I don't see this as developer related support, it's part of your software but obviously how I see it and how you work it are 2 different pov's. We are not talking about a third party theme here but the actual software but since I now know any designer mode issue should be reported to the tracker and not official support, thank you for confirming that. I can't see the developer forum or maybe I would of posted something there but you already know that Still can't see a link to be added to the providers list either, I can only do so much with the little permissions you give me and I pay a whole lot not to get.
  13. A little clarity I submitted my Official Support ticket early Friday afternoon along with the Bug Report. Never got a response Friday or over the weekend and was told Monday what was quoted above. 1. Never before have I been told to submit a Official Support post to bug tracker, Official Support meant Official Support. as far as I knew.. Now support is bug tracker for certain things. Dividing up Support for certain things without telling us in advance or during the process before filling out the ticket is confusing. 2. Since this Bug Tracker support is new and I knew nothing of it until this incident I had no clue how long it would take for someone to help out if at all because sometimes bug tracker reports go unanswered.. I do a lot of work locally for businesses, I was supposed to meet a client to update 3 websites of his actually today. Unfortunately not being able to work over the weekend didn't let that happen and knowing Tracker I decided before I lost a client I better get someone else to look at the issue like my host. 3. Ryan H as usual done a great job locating the issue in Official Advanced Support however it was already resolved by the time he answered Monday. (not blaming Ryan here, Ryan's one of them who get it right most of the time for sure) To be a little clearer here I should of worded some of the above like so Can someone please explain why you do not support DM in Official Support but instead bug tracker which reports go unanswered in and we are not guaranteed a response in? I guess all of this could of been avoided with a better approach to this issue like maybe better communication from IPB. My only suggestion here is please don't take something in the software away from Official Support without letting us know and let us know what to expect since it's being supported elsewhere. When you take it from Official Support it appears it's not officially supported anymore especially when you are told from staff in a ticket to use bug tracker.. I might also add most of my business comes from my local area. I have around 50 solid clients, none of them use IPB. Once IPB can get a consistent support policy in place I will consider asking some of my clients to invest in the product. This week will be the first time a local business has considered this investment and it will be implemented this week with a single license for sure. If all goes well for this client who knows. I do know I don't want to depend on tracker or the community for official support. Anyhoo, clarified.. Regards
  14. What a nightmare I meet with Hemi Parts King locally Tuesday to sell 3 new IPB licenses. That will not happen now...
  15. I'm missing all my css Can someone please explain why you do not support your product? From a ticket because designers mode doesn't work for me.. Marc says: I'm sorry but, this is not right... I can't work because of this issue and now you wont support a major part of your software. Please don't do this Now since the problem can't be reproduced from tracker you say I get no help. ????