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  1. No, it really shouldn't swing both ways. IPB enacted that policy because of people abusing the site down support feature.. If it's a issue on their behalf, they don't charge you and I bet you couldn't find a post of a erroneous charge yet for what you've mentioned. People have asked about it,, but I've personally never seen someone say they've been charged for that. I hope you have a better experience in the future, it really is good software and people creating and supporting it.
  2. Besides what Jim said above which is what you should of course first. If that doesn't help after changing your htaccess back again This may help?? You can also ask your host to run a scanner across your entire account. Not all hosts will do this, if you're managed they should. Regards
  3. I'm 50, so I feel your pain
  4. That's awesome @Square Wheels Now that you've had a chance to use these what do you think? I see you're using the 4k resolution. Did everything I say ring true? Kind Regards
  5. Clear your browser cache and try again
  6. Waiting period gives some protection for/against credit card fraud. IPB is the one that takes the risk, credit card fraud is no fun for them. Regards
  7. If you switch to your stock IPB theme and try this does it still happen? Regards
  8. The first row can be placed into a separate grid to allow only three spots to show... I suspect maybe IPB will consider something here. I would think a new functionality could be added to show only members from X time to X time possibly.. Maybe IPB would consider that?
  9. There's some css like pagination areas that can be shared within the css and the other areas mentioned could of had other css rules currently existing applied. I myself personally do not agree with minimal css especially in this 4 series. My take on it is if your a theme coder instead of a theme graphics designer you want less css. Sorry, I'm a graphics designer first and color is my thing unlike many other themes I see out there... I let IPB handle the function'code. I love how IPB works right now and would not agree with the general consensus in this post. Also to add, about every single part of IPB almost to the front can have a image added to it through css for the ultimate control over a theme. Please do not remove that depth or ability.
  10. As it is now we add our own version and the software supplies the version ID. The downside to this system is the version ID is not used in the front-end and imo this is probably the most important aspect to this system. The end-user relies on this information at first glance to see if they are using the current version. I also doubt as a general rule a end-user would not be entering Designers Mode just to check version ID. I suggest to utilize the version ID better to incorporate a straight number system in the version itself.. For example, instead of the author filling out the version, make it number select with decimals and incorporate the version ID the same way Version 4.1.17 Version ID 2 Should show on the front end as Regards
  11. It would be nice to see Commerce have a overview index instead of going straight to transactions. Overview could include transactions of course but imo should contain also the other areas in commerce in one general overview location preferably when entering the Commerce application. Thank You
  12. Can we get a sort order of any kind other than random for this feature when users register? Thank You
  13. Please allow more than 10 products to show when users are forced to register. We should be allowed to add as many as we need here imo. Thank You
  14. Odd thing was I could see everything else, Cleared Chrome browser cache and all seems good now however. Regards
  15. Can't read topics in Peer to Peer technical support