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  1. Great Pro who never settles until he optimized the last bit of the server. constant updating with latest fixes. Top choice.
  2. ​I think RC is almost here, not final one
  3. ​Don't think how could this confuse people. It's a nice addition for novice users and something power users maybe will ignore.
  4. As you say, total wast of money. Wait.
  5. Just Installed, huge update and many things to play with. Great mod !!!
  6. Don't know if you've planned this for ips 4.0 but I sure would like to have the ability to write a custom text for each warning to be filled automatically when I choose either of them. To write each time the same things is very annoying even if I have to copy paste the text. Also I totally agree that the warning and the suspension must be more visible to the user who still asks me why he was banned/suspended.
  7. In my tests, a user banned for 3 days, stayed banned even if the warning was reversed
  8. If I try to reverse a warning which includes a ban, the restrictions still apply for the user who can't access the site. Is this a bug ?
  9. Great work
  10. I bet that the upload procedure of the emoticons on the first video (drag n drop), will be a part of the new way we could upload attachments :-)
  11. Great mod, thanks. Is there any way to have the option enabled by default for each member because now they have to enable it manually and I'm sure they won't.
  12. You have to fix your custom template then. Switch to the default one and you'll see the button in each post if you've enabled the function.
  13. [quote name='caesarsiet' timestamp='1347995635'] This feature should have an option that select automatic the best answer at post with more Reputations points. Please consider it. Thanks for the feature! exactly, but as an additional feature and that's how we made in our plugin. If user didn't choose any best answer, then the post with more likes would be considered as the "popular" one. Great work IPS Team !!
  14. "Custom Advertisement Zones" is a nice feature. Really, could we use it for putting a background image on any custom page (clickable ad) or is it only for showing banners ?
  15. Can we use the Facebook/Twitter buttons in our plugins in order to autoshare content from them ?