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  1. Converting an 8 year old SMF forum to something else is more complicated than expected :)

    1. AndyF


      It will be well worth it :)

    2. Mr. Jinx

      Mr. Jinx

      Yeah, it's amazing. I'm ready for the big step, but I'm a bit scared about my users. They will have to get used to all those new features. For me, I just can't wait!

  2. Currently I'm using free forum software, but am looking for something new because development on the free software is a bit slow. I was a bit surprised to see IPB doesn't officially include other languages, or am I wrong? I saw someone translated it to dutch (which I need). That's very nice, but what if he stops or doesn't want to translate anymore? It feels a bit strange to pay for this good looking forum software, but then being depended of someone who translates it for free/fun.
  3. is going to convert from SMF to IPB