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  1. Wow, so grasping at straws here. First, people have no problem investing in XF in its current state. Second, are they? Really? Care to wager on how that "suing to the ground" works out? As discussed it is ALREADY a part of the core product, not just implemented in the same way, so you are actually arguing against what has already been discussed. It's obvious you know nothing about what you speak when you say, "You can really only put so much into the base framework of a larger application like Invision platform before you start to regress optimizations"
  2. Yep, or dominator.
  3. It's not like you are buying a non upgradeable beta. If you think you will be buying at some point, why would you NOT buy a $100 license? I would imagine ipb die hards will scoff (as always). I have full confidence in that development team and have trusted my site with that team for most of its 8 year existence.
  4. Grrrrr. This is why I HATE paid mods. I bought this with the understanding it would work, or at the very least have support questions answered. Been pretty close to a month since the author responded. Look, if you are doing a paid mod, support it. If not, make it free. Can we get a refund if this isn't supported/fixed? As it is, it has been disabled on my site WAY more than enabled since purchase.
  5. I racked my brains on that. Did a Google search and found it was an issue with Twitter's API. I was lucky to find the solution on my end.
  6. Sounds good. You may want to redesign the default 'Who's Online Block'. The current one is rather fugly. The Welcome block is also rough. Latest Poll block should be redesigned far appearance as well and also be configurable to use just the latest poll or an admin desired url. Be nice to have a decent looking stats block as well. Yes, I know--you make them look however blah, blah. Just a default one that functions and looks good would be a nice thing default..
  7. Found a fix. In Settings: Search Engine Optimization Friendly URL Features URL Type had to be set to Path Info
  8. I got the answer to the first question, but the url problem I haven't fixed...
  9. Two things, 1, How can you align left instead of right and 2, I get the attached screen when tweeting:
  10. Yeah, a lot of default stuff, but some tweaks and adds by me.

  11. That video thing is awesome, man! Did you do that yourself?

  12. THANK YOU!
  13. You may, but the subject matter of my boards is huge on Twitter. Once again, if you DON'T WANT IT DON'T USE IT. Damn I swear. Some of you all just b*tch to see yourself b*tch. Such a shame. With replies like that, no wonder there isn't as much participation here as there should be.