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  1. Is embed Bugs fixed? Twitter, Facebook etc. Content Hidden in widescreens.
  2. In here. Client area, support. @Jim M
  3. Hello, can we have edit-button in support tickets? Atleast in replys
  4. How do i do that with visitors?
  5. Please. I cant ban spämmers if i don see IP
  6. When you enable IP tracking to article comments? Cant ban spämmers.
  7. If i paste link, it doesnt ask anything. edit: if i disable Automatically embed links? , it works. Weird.
  8. In 3.x , IPB shotred long urls automaticly. In 4.x, it doesnt do that. If i pasted www.swdfoausydbvfuaisybcoiuasybvouisdybvcnbcbcvbcbcbcvbcbvcouyasbvcouysadbvouhsabvoliasdbolibdsauhdcbhbysbcksuybdckusdybcdkusdybkvuybskxduyzvbsdkuyvbksduz.org ipb showed it in post like www.swdfoausydbvfuaisybcoiuasybvo....org
  9. Installed latest version. I get server error if i click ACP -> site promotion -> sharing .> whatsapp -> edit edit: my bad, didnt upload new files.
  10. That feature has been broken since 4.0. If you use it with google ads, it doesnt work. When you going to fix it?
    Works only with default skin...
  11. I have wondered why my database articles are taking so long to get google. I have used "recommended settings" for sitemap. I opened it, and seems default setting is "Do not include database records" Whyyyy is that?
  12. Does 4.0.x translations upgrade to 4.1? Or do i need to start from 0 again?