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  1. In here. Client area, support. @Jim M
  2. Hello, can we have edit-button in support tickets? Atleast in replys
  3. How do i do that with visitors?
  4. Please. I cant ban spämmers if i don see IP
  5. In 3.x , IPB shotred long urls automaticly. In 4.x, it doesnt do that. If i pasted www.swdfoausydbvfuaisybcoiuasybvouisdybvcnbcbcvbcbcbcvbcbvcouyasbvcouysadbvouhsabvoliasdbolibdsauhdcbhbysbcksuybdckusdybcdkusdybkvuybskxduyzvbsdkuyvbksduz.org ipb showed it in post like www.swdfoausydbvfuaisybcoiuasybvo....org
  6. Installed latest version. I get server error if i click ACP -> site promotion -> sharing .> whatsapp -> edit edit: my bad, didnt upload new files.
  7. That feature has been broken since 4.0. If you use it with google ads, it doesnt work. When you going to fix it?
  8. I have wondered why my database articles are taking so long to get google. I have used "recommended settings" for sitemap. I opened it, and seems default setting is "Do not include database records" Whyyyy is that?
  9. Does 4.0.x translations upgrade to 4.1? Or do i need to start from 0 again?
  10. Forum posts shows IP, database comments doesnt. This should be fixed. How do i ban trols if i cant see their IP-adress?
  11. <a href="http://*******.net/" target="_blank"><img src="http://****.fi/****.png" alt="****" style="max-width:100%"></a>I use that. HMTL banner, img style max-width:100%
  12. Yes, but that is how it behives now. UPDATE ipb_forums_posts SET post = REPLACE(post,'http://hoitajat.net/foorumi/public/style_emoticons/default/','http://hoitajat.net/public/style_emoticons/default/'); If i put that in code box, it blocks it
  13. Weird thing is, it blocks it if its in code box, not if i just paste it as plain text. Should be other way