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  1. Hi could it be possible to mention a group with @?
  2. I follow this tutorial and it's finally work :)
  3. I installed this on my IPB 3.3.2 and when i try i have only this : So doesn't work :/ Any idea?
  4. :D It's really great and i love your folder easter eggs :D Thanks for your work !
  5. Great :D i test this now EDIT : I dont understand how i should do, like if i want this image : does i need use tag ? When i have dl the new version the version is <hook_version_human>1.0.0</hook_version_human> not 1.0.1 :/
  6. My membres wants eggs for Easter ... And this can be funny :) i use your hook if you want see :
  7. Could it be possible to configure with small images like smileys?