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  1. <p>How do I fetch thumbnails from first post and make it like&nbsp;</p>
  2. Oh I figured it out, thanks for the great work!
  3. How can i change the custom_welcome_member text?
  4. Error! Hook with classname "ddk33_board_index_face" does not exist! What;s this?
  5. Hi Mike, thanks for creating this great portal. I am wondering if there is any latest files block or something?
  6. @surferbou: Do I have to buy Pro Menu in order to put Home as portal?
  7. Thanks Mike, can we actually use it as a homepage? How do we do it? with a Tab Home ?
  8. This is a 3 columns portal? Can we choose 2 ?
  9. then it will not work.
  10. after upgrading to this version. I noticed when Guest is viewing the shoutbox above categories, it shows the 20 shoutbox messages. It should have scrollbars.
  11. I would prefer a URL instead of video ID. That is why it is showing a white box.
  12. i have this whitebox too
  13. Ok, now I get it. It only allowed download if you reply in the Topic. Is there anyway if we can allow members to download if they have at least one post?
  14. Hi Adriano, thanks for the hook. However, some of my members have problems with download. They have posted but some of them can download some can't. any ideas? Using 2.5.0 IP.Download
  15. It worked fine at first. But my members have been unable to download even they posted. any ideas?