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  1. <p>How do I fetch thumbnails from first post and make it like&nbsp;</p>
  2. Oh I figured it out, thanks for the great work!
  3. How can i change the custom_welcome_member text?
  4. Error! Hook with classname "ddk33_board_index_face" does not exist! What;s this?
  5. Hi Mike, thanks for creating this great portal. I am wondering if there is any latest files block or something?
  6. @surferbou: Do I have to buy Pro Menu in order to put Home as portal?
  7. Thanks Mike, can we actually use it as a homepage? How do we do it? with a Tab Home ?
  8. This is a 3 columns portal? Can we choose 2 ?
  9. then it will not work.
  10. after upgrading to this version. I noticed when Guest is viewing the shoutbox above categories, it shows the 20 shoutbox messages. It should have scrollbars.
  11. I would prefer a URL instead of video ID. That is why it is showing a white box.
  12. i have this whitebox too
  13. Hi, my friend sold me this account because he no longer using IPB. I've changed the email and password. Do I have to submit a ticket to use it on my domain? This license has expired. I am going to renew and buy addon. Thanks, ken