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  1. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    8 posts above you.
  2. Show us your IPB 4 sites! works great as well.
  3. More Clubs stuff!

    Ah sorry I missed that @Morrigan. I guess great minds think alike.
  4. More Clubs stuff!

    How about a badge under the Author Panel that shows which clubs you belong to? Or at least a profile field to add them.
  5. upgrade rotation

    Would you rather them leave you un patched? It's changing software. There will always be patches with any software releases. I am glad that they take security seriously and release patches ASAP. I don't think they release security patches anymore than other forum companies do. As far as your changes. Make sure you are putting everything in your "custom.css" file that way you don't have to worry about changes. Me, myself, I love updates. I love it when they release them. Each one brings more stability, and bug fixes.
  6. How hard would it be to make a toggle to have the topic starter with the colored background appear above the user's avatar instead of below?
  7. (DF41) Enhanced User Info Panel

    Great plugin. The Author listens to what everyone wants. He was able even to add options into this that allowed me to get rid of two other add-ons. Top notch support! Plus release updates often. Well worth the money.
  8. Ya that would be great if we just had a box so we can put it in ourselves. Btw top notch work and support. I was able to remove two plugins because this now handles the same functions. Topic starter, and online status. Loving the updates!
  9. I was just able to add it in my custom.css
  10. One last thing is there a way to set a custom border radius? I see some are built in, but I like to use say a 3px border radius. Any way to do that?
  11. Avatars are working fine on my end now. Thanks for the great work @TheJackal84!
  12. Just did, same thing. it's like it's pushing the full uploaded image size out. Even resizing them back to 75px makes no difference.
  13. Umm something still is wrong. While it did fix the hover card issue, now the avatar themselves are messed up. Some are larger than the others etc.
  14. If you want to test just set the avatar height and width to say 100px each. Then apply then go to the username and hover on it. Also just tested on default skin as well with the same result.