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  1. nope dont seem to see anything reguarding thaat.
  2. i added the subscription manager correctly. But were will i find it on the board?
  3. are u staff?

  4. hi there. ive got my board hosted by invisionpower at but i cant download modifications because it says i gotta contact a admin coz it says i dont have a licence which i should do because i have hosting of Invision power.
  5. Again like seen on vbulletin forums can you do paid subscription for peopel to purchase vip membership.
  6. like seen on vbulletin you can set it so when a new member registers you will receive a welcome pm from a random username. can you do this on iPB?
  7. Arent you sales staff? :D and how long will it take for it to be approved like are the sales staff likley to come online today?
  8. What type of staff are you? Sales? :D and will it be approved today do you know?
  9. Hi there, I ordered a IPB board with Invisionpower at about 12 am and it is now 3pm i was wondering how long it will take? as it took my money for the payment so i dont see why it should cause any problems. Just checking! Thanks.